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me abundantly. I quip that He "probably doesn’t whip the blessings at me quite so hard . . . ")

And this leads us to our last point:

I am a cheerful giver when:
4. I remember God gives cheerful givers many riches!

God loves a . . . sad and angry giver, right? NO!!!!! . . . what kind of giver does He love? “Cheeeerfullllll!!!!” (That’s right!)

A cheerful giver never has to worry about running out of things to share or things to give away. Why?

God takes care of his people!

God takes really good care of his cheerful givers!

8 And God is able to shower all kinds of blessings on you. In all things and at all times you will have everything you need. . .

11 You will be made rich in every way. . .

When a farmer plants seed, and the seeds grow to big plants, after the plants are full grown with many fruit or vegetables on them . . . the farmer goes out and picks all that food to take home to eat and to use and to sell.

When all the fruit and vegetables and grain are ready to pick, we say
• “The Harvest is reaaaadddyyyyy!!!! The harvest is what you get for sowing seed!
• If you plant a little . . . you get little!
• If you plant a LOT . . . you GET a LOT!!

That is just like a giver!
• If you give a little . . . you get little!
• If you give a LOT . . . you GET a LOT!!
• You get a Harvest of RICHES

What kind of riches do we harvest?

• Is God going to give all cheerful givers 10 new Playstation 3’s, 5 laptops, 26 pets, a mansion and a private jet and a Ferrari (really cool, red hot car . . . ) and maids and butlers? NO . . . even though he can.
• But you can trust he will give you what you need . . . so you don’t have to worry. If you worry, you can’t be cheerful.
o Givers (moms and dads, friends . . . ) are you worrying? Don’t! God’s hand is on you, especially cheerful givers.

Debt-Ridden Couple Learns to Give First to God
In a sermon on giving, a former fellow college student, Dave Ferguson, pastor of Community Christian Church in Naperville, Illinois, read this letter from Jeff and Julie, who attend the church:
[They were in a bad situation. They had no money and owed everybody.
• We were behind
o in our rent and
o our car payments.
o We had back-IRS payments,
o 16 credit cards with more than $40,000 in debt,
• and not enough food in the fridge to keep our tummies full.
o on occasion Julie and I were so broke that we ended up going to a friend’s restaurant to ask for free food.
• And on top of all that, we decided to start a business.

[They were trying to figure out how they could give to the church]

After prayer and discussion, we decided that God would get the first portion of every check . . . We learned to make God the first priority in our lives, and we had no idea how we’d get by.

During the week after this decision, my brother and I were dropping off flyers at a construction site looking for work. We’d started a carpentry company. We met a builder,