His love again by immediately making a promise of salvation; God said in Genesis 3:15, ďAnd I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."

And remember, even when the whole world went against God? God made a commitment to one man and his family. Through Noah, mankind, even though sinful, was saved on earth; why? - because God loves people!

In Genesis 11, man thought they could ignore God and be their own god; and so, God dispersed people to different parts of the world! It was manís sin that tore apart the world to different races! And you know itís a sin to be racist; but it is also a sin to be a supernationalist! It is sin that separates people from people, nation from other nations. We all need to realize that all people come from God and only God can unite!

God loves people! And so although God had to judge people by dispersing them, God already had a plan to unite everyone again by choosing a people through whom salvation will come! And of course, this chosen people is Israel and it started with God calling Abraham. But just because God chose a people through Abraham, does it mean that all of Abrahamís descendants will be saved? The answer of course is no because most did not trust God, including Abraham. Remember what Abraham and Sarah did even though God promised a son through them? Abraham had a son Ishmael through Hagar, an Egyptian. The promise of Israel was to come from Abraham, then through whom?? Ė Isaac!

You know, what I just said in over 20 verses, God summarized in 3 verses in Romans 9:6-9. Of course the Jews in Rome knew exactly what God was talking about.

Similarly in Romans 9:10-15, not all of Isaacís children trusted God. But because God loved the people of Israel, God made a commitment to Jacob.
Look again at v17Ö.

Hereís a powerful truth: God is All Powerful but will give mercy to whoever He desires! But another question arises from this truth. Look again at v19Ö.
God immediately gives an answer in v20-21!

God is in control of everything but God loves people, and He especially loves Israel! And God gives a commentary on this awesome truth in v22-33 of Romans 9.

Look again at verses 22-26. What descriptions are given about God in these 4 verses??

God can:
ē show His wrath!
ē make known His power!
ē have great patience!
ē make the riches of His glory known!
ē prepare the future!
ē call whoever He wants to call!

God is all mighty and is in control!
And what can we say about God from v27? God will allow Israel to grow in spite of their unbelief of the Messiah Jesus Christ. And God will judge Israel but He will save a remnant! Look again at v29ÖÖ
Israel should have been judged already like Sodom and Gomorrah but God decided to preserve Israel!
God loves Israel but not all will be saved! Why?
Look again at v32-33 with meÖ.

Who will be saved from Israel? The only Israelites who will be saved are