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The God of a 2nd Chance. John 8:1-10
I wonder, is there any person here who has been in a situation in which you really wanted something to work out but it didnít? You felt like if I just had a second chance, I know I could make this thing work. (I Wonder am I talking to anybody in here). When we look back over our life, at some of the situations that we have been involved in and some of the choices that we have made, we think, if only I had a second chance.
If only I had a second chance, I wouldnít have married who I married. If only I had a second chance, I wouldnít have moved where I moved. If only I had a second chance, I would have finished school. If only I had a second chance, I wouldnít have gotten involved in the things that I was involved in.
Webester describes the word 2nd as one that is next after the first. (think about it). The spiritual significance of the number 2 in the bible denotes a difference. When we think about 2 or 2nd in the bible we know that it is different from the first.
We notice that #1 excludes all differences. (When you have 1 of something you have nothing to compare it with). When you have 2 of something, there has to be a difference. One has to be first and the other has to be second. They can be equal in all aspects, but they can never be the same.
#2 is the first number in which we can divide another. When the earth lay in chaos, itís condition was ruin and darkness. The 2nd thing recorded in connection with the creation was the introduction of a 2nd thing which was light. When the 2nd thing came into being, immediately there was a difference and a division. The bible says that God divided the light from the darkness and the light he called day and the darkness, he called night.
The 2nd person of the trinity took on 2 natures, perfect God and perfect Man. There are 2 testaments, the old and the new. There are 2 natures, the sin nature and the son nature.
Sometimes when we make a mistake in life it feels so final. When you make a serious mistake you might think its all over for you. I want to let you know this morning CHURCH that the game of life isnít like a game in which you only have 1 chance to win before itís over. I want to let you know that when you make a mistake in this life, with God you get a 2nd chance.
The bible that I read tells me that the God I serve is a God of mercy. The word mercy means to extend help to the lowliest or the most undeserving. It implies compassion that overshadows punishment. Even when justice demands it. (You see, justice demanded that each and everyone in here should have been dead, but mercy stepped in and said, not so.
Mercy is a word we throw around. We use it often in our prayers. We sing it in our songs. We talk about it in our Jargon, ďThere by the grace of God go I.Ē
Justice demanded that you and I should die, but mercy stepped in and said not so.
So great is Godís mercy that it is almost inexpressible. Godís