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formed in them. He wanted them to think as God would have them to so they might live as God wanted them to (Proverbs 23:7).

These are the characteristics of a single-mindedly surrendered life; and single-minded surrender is a prerequisite to my being in a position to discern Godís will for my life!

All this having been said, how do I evaluate my circumstances in seeking to know and do the will of God for my life? Well, in considering what God might be saying to me through my circumstances, I need to keep two things in mind:

1. Evaluate your circumstances from Godís perspective.

Consider the circumstances that Job found himself in. He did not know what was happening when everything he owned was destroyed, when his children were killed, and when he developed sores all over his body. Job wrestled with understanding what God was trying to say to him through his circumstances. The entire book of Job is about Job being brought to see life from Godís perspective.

Jobís wife thought she had the right perspective on the situation. She thought that Jobís God was weak and had simply let Job down. Jobís God was not worthy of devotion. Thatís why she told Job to "Curse God and die," (Job 2:9).

Jobís friends thought they had the right perspective on his situation. They told Job that he was obviously guilty of some sin for which he was being punished. That was the only reason they could conceive of why Job was suffering as he was. Up until this time in his life, Job thought the same way they did.

But Job didnít content himself with the perspective of men. He sought to understand Godís perspective.

Consequently, Job learned that God had purposes for his life that transcended Jobís perspective - that God wanted to work through Jobís life to bring glory to Himself, to provide a testimony to others, to bring Job to a deeper sense of dependence on God, and to lead Job into a deeper relationship with Him.
Having gained Godís perspective on his circumstances, Job adjusted his life to God (Read Job 42:1-6).

To understand your circumstances, Godís perspective is vital. When you face difficult or confusing circumstances, they can overwhelm you. If you put yourself in the middle of your circumstance and try to look at God, your understanding will be distorted.

You might have the perspective of Jobís wife or his friends, whose perspective on Jobís situation was definitely incorrect. Instead, like Job, you need to seek, through prayer and searching for the wisdom of God as revealed through His Word, to gain Godís perspective on your circumstance.

(Corrie Ten Boom Story)

In our World War II prison camp, Betsie and I had to go on roll call very early in the bitterly cold morning. Once, while we were on roll call, a cruel guard kept us standing for a long, long time. Suddenly, a skylark began to sing in the sky, and all the prisoners looked up to listen to that birdís song. As I looked at the bird I saw the sky, I thought of Psalms