God! The Great Attention Getter!
I wonder what it would take to get your attention today? (Do something that really grabs attention)! Good now that I have your attention what will it take keep your attention. Maybe Iíll try juggling while preaching this message. That will definitely keep your attention.
There are many things in life that get our attention be it people, TV, Books, advertisement, food, food, and food. I want to propose today that there is someone else who wants to get our attention. God! The Great Attention Getter! Letís Pray!
I want you to think for a moment What are some things we do in order to get someoneís attention? If your interested in someone you may walk by someone(yal know what Iím talking about). You make sure you walk a certain way as to run into them. Also may fix yourself up or start dressing differently(nicer) because you know youíre gonna see that person. Sometimes kids like to get attention by being in with the dress code or getting some name brand where other kids will notice and say ďman thatís a tight shirtĒ Those shoesí are the bomb. Often times kids try will try to get attention by doing something that is sometimes not positive. They may hit sometimes or start acting out in school by getting bad grades or getting into it with other children. I can remember as a kid giving out loads of candy in the 4th grade to my classmates, which made me the center of attention.
Getting our attention often takes something that is not with the norm or doing something different. If you look at a crowd of people they can all look the same until you see that person that stands at 6ft 9inches then that person all of a sudden stands out.
I am convinced that God wants to get our attention. Letís look at the book of Acts and see how God got Paulís attention. Acts 9 starting at verse 1. Meanwhile Saul(Paul) was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lordís disciples. Who was Paul. He was person of Jewish descent. Paul was a Benjamite and a native of Tarsus. He was also a free Roman citizen by his fatherís descent. One source said that it was the intention of Paul;s parents to make him fit to be a Rabbi by profession. Paul was under the teaching of a strict Pharisee named Gamaliel. Paul was himself a Pharisee that was one of the three sects of Judaism in the time of Christ. This sect included all Hebrews who separated themselves from every kind of Levitical impurity, following the Mosaic Law of purity. Bottom line is that Paul was a religious man.
Paul at this point is still breathing out murderous threats against the Lordís disciples. ďWhen I see those Christians I am going to tear them apart! I am going to get those wierdosĒ! He even got letters verse 2 from the high priest to be given to the synagogues so that if found any who belonged to Christ they would be taken as prisoners to Jerusalem. In Acts chapter 7 Paul had given the approval of the stoning of Stephen(another follwer of Christ). Act Stoning