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God Wants You Happy


Sermon shared by Craig Groeschel

January 2007
Summary: You will hear people talk about this. You will hear it on TV today with TV preachers. You’ll read books about it, and you will hear it over and over and over again, and it is a message that feels very good. Here is the urban legend. It goes something
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Audience: General adults
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do what I needed Him to do to make me happy. So, as much as everyone I know wants to believe, “God wants me happy,” and as often as you will hear, “God wants you happy. God wants you prosperous.” As often as you will hear that, today I am going to submit to you that there are least three different times when God does not want you happy. If you are taking notes, the first one is this, and this is very, very true. Never forget it. God never, ever, God doesn’t want you happy when it causes you to sin. God never wants us happy when it causes us to sin. I Peter 1:15, scripture says, “But just as he who called you is happy, so be happy in all you do.” Diiiiid I mess that up? Well, what does it say? I’m sorry. I must have misread it. Scripture says, “But just as he who called you is,” what? “Is, is holy, be,” what? “Be holy in all that you do.” You see, in God’s spiritual economy, our happiness is never the bottom line. God never calls us to sacrifice His standards in the name of happiness.
Now, I hope that you won’t miss the heart of this, because I believe with all my heart that God is a good God. Scripture says He is. Scripture says that He loves to give good gifts to His children, and with everything in me, I know that God delights in the happiness of His children, just as I. I’ve got six kids. As the father of six kids, I love when I can make my kids happy. I love it, love it, love it, love it. In fact, a buddy of mine and I took our sons … I have two sons. He has two sons. We dropped some big bucks to take our kids to the Harlem Globetrotters. Why? We wanted to make our children happy, have a good time, great boys’ day out. And so we went. I asked my kids afterwards, “Did you enjoy …” “Oh, we loved it!” I asked my six-year-old, “What did you like about it?” He said, “Everything except the basketball part,” [laughter] which was very confusing to me. I said, “Well, what did you like?” He said, “I love the part where the guy pulled down the other guy’s shorts.” That was his favorite part. I asked my three-year-old, Bookie, I said, “Bookie, what did you like about it?” He said, “Daddy, I love the cotton candy,” which really bothers me because I dropped almost $100.00 on tickets, plus the expense of the cotton candy, when I could have gotten that anywhere. But anyway, Bookie, he did. He loved the cotton candy. He became a three-year-old piece of cotton candy. It was everywhere. He was eating it off his arms. It was everywhere, and the Bookie looked at me with this very ornery look. He said, “Daddy, I think I am going to put it on that guy’s head.” Well, there was a bald headed guy right in front of us, and Bookie just went down with his cotton candy hands, and I knew it would make him happy, so I just let him do it. Of course, I didn’t do that. Yes, I want Bookie happy, but not at the expense of someone else. If it’s not the right thing, no matter how much he wants to do it, nor how happy it will make him, I don’t want him happy if it causes him to sin.
How does this play out in, let’s just say, in the church world, in the every day church world? Scripture teaches us that if you are a follower of Christ, you are a part of the body of Christ, and that means, in the local church, God has something for you to do to serve, to use your gift. In other words, if you are not serving, using your
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