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God Will Finish What He Has Started In You.
Pastor Glenn Newton 1-17-01

Text : Philippians 1:3-6

How many of you here this morning have a unfinished project waiting for you at home?
Go ahead, raise your hand, Something you have been working on, trying to get finished,
maybe for along time, but for whatever reason, you havenít quite completed it? How
many? Somebody share with us, what is your project that your needing to finish? Itís
confession time.

I would say almost all of us have some kind of project, some kind of goal, that we are
working on, or at least from time to time we have one. Itís a human nature kind of thing.
Whether itís working in your yard, planting flowers or treeís, or maybe fixing up your old
barn, or maybe itís redesinging your house, or it could be reading a book, doing a puzzle,
whatever. We all have some kind of projects that we undertake.

Now my next question will probably divide us up evenly, and it can be the source of
conflict in some cases, but let me ask it anyway.
How many of you will only do one project at a time, and you will not even think
about starting another one until the first one is finished? If this describes you, I would
guess that unfinished projects kind of bother you until there done, right?

Then thereís the other side, how many of you can have two or three projects kind
of lying around, all of them about half-way done, and your attitude is kind of like, Iíll get
to them when I get a chance?

Now if you put these two different types of people working on the same project, can you
understand the whyís thereís conflict? But you can also understand why they compliment
each other and make for a good blend, if done properly.

This morning My Real topic isnít conflicting personalities, but instead I want to
YOU. And This Truth also applies to the New Hope Church, God isnít done with us, In
Fact I get the Feeling Heís just getting started.

For the next couple weeks, I want to try and show you, convince you through
Godís Word, and Encourage You to See Yourself Through Godís Eyes, To See How
Much God Values You.
If your down on yourself, these next few weeks, I hope that You will Find Godís
Truth and New Light about You. You see, Iím convinced that when we will take to heart,
when we will really listen to What God says about us in His Word, we will be
overwhelmed by His Love, and We Will Begin to see ourselves in His Light and we will
then be hard pressed to be ďdownĒ on ourselves anymore.

This morning I want to share 3 Things to Remember as We Talk about How God
Will Finish What He has started in my life.

First, Remember Godís Great Love for you, and How He rejoices over you even now,
right now.
Turn in your Bibles with me to Luke 15:8-9 - Jesus is telling a Parable, a story that
describes the Fatherís Love for you. Donít let it get by you this morning, take it in,
John L Jefferson of Del Aire Baptist
January 12, 2014
This message has inspired me to continue with the work I am doing in the Las Vegas Church plant. Thank you, Brother for sharing with us.
Michael Lane
September 21, 2012
I enjoyed your sermon. It will be helpfull in encouraging our struggling church plant.
Aletta Burkholder
May 22, 2009
As I prepare to move to a new appointment this sermon will help me make the point that God will complete the work He has started. It does not depend on the pastor!
Glenn: Enjoyed your sermon. I will be using some of your thoughts for a sermon on Joy unspeakable. Blessing from a fellow Nazarene.