Psalms 78:70-72

My fellow laborers of the kingdom, it is getting harder to identify those who lead the Church of God. This is due to the fact that many are not sure about who we want to lead us in our pilgrimage to glory. We want him handsome and tall, intelligent and pulpit savvy, we even want him timid and passive so he can be swayed in one direction or another. Instead of us choosing a pastor that is saved, we choose a look, we chose a school, or we chose a puppet that will be used only when called upon. It reminds me of Ernie Fields, who had a puppet named Cockroach that spoke only when Ernie spoke for him. I tell you some churches, not all, like their pastors supplied not chosen.
If you read your bible, you would find many men, that God used to lead His people. Youíll find a devout pagan like Abraham; a farm hand like Moses; a shepherd boy like David; a fisherman like Peter; a tent maker like Paul; and if that is not enough we would find a carpenter like Jesus, and the thing that should stand out in our minds is that God Himself chose them all. But looking at this list of God chosen men, I wonder how many of them would qualify to pastor a church today.

In this 78th Psalms we find it to be a Psalm of instruction. Asaph bring to our attention what God had done in Israelís history from the time of Moses to David. In it we see the failure of the people and the faithfulness of God. This Psalm continues the tradition of passing on the record of Godís marvelous works from one generation to another. The Psalmist Asaph is encouraging his generation to keep the Law and forget not Godís wonderful works. He didnít want them to do as their ancestors did in the wilderness, or as the children of Ephraim did by not keeping the covenant of God, and walking contrary to His Law.
So it was because of Israel disobedience God refused the Tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the tribe of Ephraim, but He chose the tribe of Judah, as found in verse 68 and He called this tribe the Mount Zion that He loved. So on this 17th anniversary of our pastor let us take a look at this lesson that we can identify Godís Chosen Vessel.

First of all verses 70 and 71 tells us that...

In the text we find the Lord God choosing a leader for His people. It is not to say that they did not know how to choose a leader even though they cried out for and was happy with Saul as their king.
But God did not want just anyone ruling over His people. Look what He chose a lowly shepherd boy. Now David knew something about leading sheep and that qualified him according to Godís standards. You see David knew that you donít drive sheep, but you lead sheep. If you let sheep lead the way the sheep would wander in the wrong direction. Sheep had no sense of direction, so they needed to be led, sheep would eat grass down to the rocks then would eat the rock