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Godís Eagle Christians


Sermon shared by Bill Lobbs

October 2012
Summary: God has methods to develope His Eagle Christians.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: Believer adults
spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions"
Just as the parent eagle continues to work with their young until they are fully trained - even so Father God continues to work with His young. Philippians 1:6, "...He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion..."(NIV) God doesnít want us to settle for a barnyard walk. Heís determined that weíre going to mount up with wings as an eagle.

I close with this poem by Bill Harvey.

Eagle Free
An eaglet in its downy nest surveyed the scene below
And asked with animated zest, "Oh Mother, I would know...
Will I someday begin to fly as high and far as you?"
The answer came, "Of course youíll fly, for thatís what eagles do."

Highborn you are and high youíll stay, and higher still youíll go,
And never know an earthbound day, nor crawling to and fro,
Now dashing down, now soaring high...Now floating on the air.
Now flying where you will to fly. Now free to do and dare.

Iíll take the down from out the nest and let the thorns protrude.
Iíll let the thorns disturb your rest and halt your nesting mood
Then soon youíll climb upon the edge and stretch your pinions out
Youíll totter on the eerie ledge and ponder space and doubt,

Then with a wing Iíll knock you off to flounder-flap and fly
And with a swoop, Iíll pick you up and never mind your cry
Iíll put you on the perch again, then knock you off the nest
To see if you will stand the strain and stand the acid test.

Iíll give you opportunity to prove that you can fly.
And then a final chance to see if you will fly or die.
Iíd rather rugged, jagged rocks would claim you as their own
Then bear the taunts, and jeers, and mocks that say youíve never flown.

But fly you must, and fly you will, and conquer gravity.
And know the zephyrís golden thrill and fly for all to see.
My eagle child, this word I give: keep looking to the sky.
For though an eagle flies to live - an eagle lives to fly.

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