Prophecy To Our Age
Godís Final Words

Introduction: Malachi 4
The prophecy of Malachi, hence; ends with a curse. After this prophetic message from God, there is no direct message to the people for over four hundred years. With the close of the Old Testament what is found within the text of this message, which warrants our attention or that which holds the power to keep His people for generations to come? Godís message to the people is given in the form of a curse. Itís not a negative form of impending doom but a loving message given to arouse their interest in order that the threatened curse may never fall on them. Letís look at this message and consider the implications of the truth.
A. The Final Word.
1. Throughout the history of mankind one thing stands clear; man has failed in his relationship with God. God has faithfully stood by his people, loving them with absolute love and shown his untiring compassion.
2. So, from Godís divine nature He ends the Old Testament with a curse. His curse is given in a futuristic statement stating His intentions. This is His last appeal out of love, aimed at diverting calamity, by announcing it as a natural sequence of sin.
3. This final message is not of anger but of infinite love.
B. The final Word then, being a warning not a sentence, is a gospel of His love.
1. The turning of their hearts toward God marks the condition with which the curse may be averted (Malachi 4:5-6).
2. When the people come back to Godís principles and are what he intended them to be; then the curse will be removed and God will shower them with His blessings. That is the Gospel of His love.
3. How is all this to be brought about?
a. The fulfillment of this promise was the coming of John The Baptist.
b. Elijah already had come to the people but there will be one coming that will have the power of Elijah.
c. The reason for his coming was to ďturn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.Ē
d. He was to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord.
C. The great announcement, ďSurely the day is coming.Ē
1. Over four hundred years will transpire between Malachi and the one who is to come with the power and spirit of Elijah. What is the force of this prophetic message that will retain manís obedience and stay the course until itís fulfillment?
2. Notice that within this proclamation is a two-fold statement, which when observed is in actuality one message: ďSurely the day is coming: it will burn like a furnace.. But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings.Ē

a. God is giving an announcement of future events.
b. He is leaving the people without a prophetic message for over four hundred years, but His final word is that, ĎHe will act!í
c. How will God act? He will usher in a new age where he will overcome the evil of the age by a sudden transformation.
d. Today you have set up the wicked and called them happy