the concept of Godís Grace? The first step in finding our place in Godís plan is to receive his Grace! Instead of looking at what we are, look up to him and ponder upon his Grace. Our past is not relevant to receiving his Grace. Our transgressions will not prohibit us from receiving his Grace. His Grace is the result of his outpouring love for us. The forgiving factor washes away our sins. It is the fortifying factor of our faith. It is what he has extended to us prior to our own acknowledgment of need. Grace brings us from polluted to purified! Just as God allowed Elisha to purify the spring in 2King, his grace purifies our polluted spirit. Even as we stray from Godís ways his grace can heal and renew. Godís Grace is Sufficient

Grace will allow a sense of presence, of peace, of stillness. Grace permits us to understand that though on the surface the pain seems unbearable, just below the surface grace lets us become endurable. Grace is always their, even during periods of peace and joy. When we are filled with happiness and no apparent worries, Grace is still there. Pouring into our cup, overflowing, so that when the next trial tips into our lives we will feel secure enough to say: Godís grace is sufficient
The same God of David, as he fled from his son Absalom, will deliver you. Restoring us - Reviving us - as it rekindles!
God is a God of grace who not only saves us from eternal death, but also saves us from a defeated life. He saves us by putting his life inside us. Grace removes our focus from our failures to our fulfillment. For our Savior said, I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly! Godís grace saves us from our failures. Godís grace saves us from our sinful nature.
Grace is Sufficient!
Grace is more than a mealtime prayer!
Grace is beyond our ability to earn or repay.
Acts 15:11 tells us we are saved because of it
Romans 4:4 says we are justified by it.
Ephesians 2:5 tells us we are restored by it!
Godís Grace is Sufficient!
2Cor. 1:12 tells us we are abundant because of it
Titus 2:12 brings us out of our worldly nature and into his presence.
2 Peter 3:10 says it calls us unto his eternal glory!
Grace is Sufficient.
Godís grace was provided to us when he sent down his son. Godís grace was consummated when Jesus prayed at Gethsemane. Godís Grace was affirmed when Jesus stood before Pontius Pilot. Godís Grace was procured when Jesus carried that cross up to Calvary. Godís Grace was acquired when they nailed our Lord to the cross. Godís Grace was ascertained as Jesus asked for our foreignness as he died upon the cross. Godís Grace was proven as they laid his only begotten son in that borrowed tomb. But listen up folks! The story does not conclude there. The report does not terminate at this junction. There is more to this Grace thing that allows us a warranted guarantee. Godís Grace, which is extensive. Godís Grace that is consistent. Godís Grace that