The Touch of the Masters Hand.

Have you ever felt worthless or cheap in the eyes of the world? Have you ever felt that you were not really what you could be or what you should be? I know that at times I have..
Read a little story the other day that I think illustrates all of our lives in that God has his hand in our lives and that we are not just a creation of his that he has forgotten about.
What a deal I got on a masterpiece. I was in Paris, touring what is probably the worldís most famous art museum, the Louvre - as they say. All day long I had been seeing these works by great artists like Michel Angelo, and Rembrandt, and, you know, all the biggies! And then I rounded this one corner and I saw this room jammed with people. It was lit with special lighting, it was guarded by security guards . . . and when I finally got into that room, there she was, the one painting youíve heard of if youíve only heard of one painting. Thatís right, the Mona Lisa! There she was smiling at me in a painting that took up an entire wall. At the bottom was this signature - Leonardo Davinche, the artist. Now, you canít buy the Mona Lisa, sheís literally priceless. But! I bought the Mona Lisa for .25c that day! Oh, yes I did. Itís in a drawer at home I could show it to you. Well, actually itís a post card of the Mona Lisa. Whatís the difference? Well, the post card is a copy - itís cheap! The one in the museum is an original, signed by the artist - sheís priceless!

Sometimes we feel more like the postcard that we are an image of God and in his creation but really worth no more than the .25 cents but in reality we are worth million just like the original. There are often many times when this is the way the world looks at us, whether it be at work/school where we fail at something and we often receive the mark of the world in the big red F on the paper or the chewing out at work but this is not how God views us. I have failed God more times than I would like but He still loves me and helps me to grow. Never once have I received the big red F from God and I never will if I follow after him. None of us our cheap imitation copies of anything but we are the masterpieces of God.

Ephesians 2:10 " We are Godís masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." In NIV it is "We are Godís workmanship.
We are all individual made as masterpieces of God, made in His image and nothing that the world can ever say or do can take that away from us. Just think about that for a second. We can put our names in place of the we. "I, Elliot Ross am Godís masterpiece." Sounds pretty arrogant at times but fortunately I am not the only to think this and this idea did not begin with me but rather that it came from the Word of God. God calls us his masterpieces, his workmanship.
We are called his masterpieces so that we may do the good things that he has planned for us. This is not. to