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Credit given to the following research books:
Dreams and dream narratives in the biblical world / HUSSER, Jean-Marie
Your dreams : Godís neglected gift / RIFFEL, Herman H.

Iím excited about todayís Bible study.

Iím excited about it, because the topic we will study has the ability to enrich your life
to set you free from the emotional and spiritual baggage
that we all seem to carry around with us from our past.

You see, Iím assuming a few things today.

Iím assuming that you are a person who loves the Lord Jesus Christ,
with all your heart and soul and mind and strength
or at least the notion of that Ė appeals to you!

Iím assuming that you want to please God and serve Him to the best of your ability,
within the situation you find yourself at the moment.

∑ You may be a young person at school, preparing for your life ahead.
∑ You may be slightly older, having entered the work force recently, and just beginning on your life career.
∑ You my be married, engaged, or single.
∑ You may have children, who are young, teenagers, or even fully grown.
∑ You may be retired and reflecting on a life lived for the glory of God.
∑ You might be married, single or divorced!

Despite who you are, or what your life situation,
Iím assuming that you want to improve your life.

Iím also assuming that you are not perfect,
and that you still struggle with areas of life,
perhaps areas from your past, the present - or even anxiety over the future.

And last, but not least,
Iím assuming that you want to deal with these emotional and spiritual issues,
with the challenges of life that just seem to come
with being alive in todayís post-Christian society!

Iím going to give you a promise today
and it isnít an empty promise.

Based upon my personal experience, and that of my immediate family,
and countless of people whom Debbie and I have ministered to over the years,

Iím going to help you unlock a God given gift
that resides within you right this very moment,
but is probably dormant, and never been used at all!

I am going to give you the tools to unleash this gift,
and help you find fulfillment and a refreshed vitality in every area of your life!

Through this God given gift,
Godís Word is going to help you discover these fantastic truths:

∑ An invaluable - and completely free personal counselor Ė you could not pay for a better one!
∑ A direct route to the heart of your problems and challenges!
∑ A built in, God given language than can guide you through life, warn and instruct you!
∑ A road that helps you find your potential in God!
∑ A voice to bring you in harmony with God, yourself, and your world!

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In fact, todayís Bible study is titled:

Godís Most Neglected Gift
the language of your dreams!

You see, God has given you a gift that can be unlocked and used each and every day Ė rather night Ė of your life!

If you Ďstay
Darren Middleton of North Geelong Presbyterian Church
October 27, 2006
The most negelcted gift is not dreams but celebacy! I have to say that the way Scripture is [mis]used here is regrettable. That God spoke to a few significant people over several thousand years before they had Holy Scripture shows how rare it was... and it certainly doesn't make it normative. God spoke through an Ass, should we buy one? No where is the N.T are we told that God guide us through dreams.