by Rick Labate


You wonít believe the troubles Iíve been having this week! And I donít know where to turn for help! First of all, our water heater sprung a leak and I donít know any plumbers! I waited around for a while hoping one would knock on my door, but after several hours when no one came by I gave up on that and tried plugging the leak with a towelÖwhich didnít work very well. Itís awful! Does anyone here know any good plumbers? If you do, just yell out their names and tell me how to reach them!


I had another problem. I needed to call Chuck and Sheila to follow up on a matter regarding their granddaughterís baby dedication last week. But I had forgotten their telephone number. Does anybody know their telephone number?


Then last Monday I needed to call the fellow who inspected the house Ruth Anne and I are thinking of buying and couldnít remember his telephone number. Does anyone know the telephone number to Eagle Home Inspections?


Then someone asked me where the recycling sites are in Danville. And I didnít know what to tell them. Does anyone where these sites are located?


You know, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had only looked in here. (Hold up telephone book) Iíve had this book around my house all week but never bothered to open it. Of course, some of you might say the same thing about this book. (Hold up Bible)

Let me tell you why I love this book:

1. It tells me I am loved.
2. It tells me how to live.

1. It tells me that God has planned for my eternal life.
2. It also tells me that God has a plan for this life.


Just as it would have been very helpful if I had remembered to refer to the telephone directory and especially the Yellow Pages for the information I could have used this past week so God has a section in the middle of His Word that I like to think of as Godís Yellow Pages. Extremely, practical counsel from Godís word on how to best relate to most any situation that can come your way. This book talks about everything from eating to marriage. There is counsel on everything from work to salvation.

Iím referring to Godís Yellow Pages: The book of Proverbs. The most succinct place where God has given us direction on how to succeed in life.

I have 4 questions for you. If what I ask you is an important matter in your life would you please say ďYes.Ē

1. Is work a big part of your life?
2. Is money important in your life?
3. Is knowing how to make wise and intelligent decisions important to you?
4. Is being able to be strong in the face of adversity important to you?

You just answered ďyesĒ to every Yellow Page entry we will be looking at this morning.

While the entire book of Proverbs is worthy of study we will focus in on a concentrated section of counsel that occurs in chapters 22-24. This