Turn with me to Deuteronomy 1:5-8

Many of us are comfortable with our daily lives. We have nice cars, nice homes, nice kids, right jobs, right clothes, and the right church. You are relaxed in your current situation so why would you want to change anything? I would like to say to you: it’s time to take it to the next level!

Don’t get comfortable on the mountain as the Israelites did where you have the bread, the water and setting up camp. There’s still problems and situations we need to overcome. Don’t camp out in your "comfort zone" or become too comfortable with God. There is an enemy to fight to get to the promise land! God has much more for you!

As I mentioned in the summary of this message, look what Little Red Riding Hood had to get through to get to Grandmom’s house. She had to fight the disguise of the enemy (the wolf). However, she overcome to get to her grandmom.

The book of Deuteronomy is written by Moses as a book to remind Israel of who loves them; what really matters; what is right and what is wrong. It’s a transitional book.

For forty years they wandered. Now they are about to enter the promise land. God wants them in Deuteronomy to remind them to stay faithful. Deutero means second. Nomos means law. Deuteronomy is a second hearing of the law. Or better yet…let’s remember some things before we can go to the next level.

I know why many don’t want to go to the next level. We read starting in verse 7 that there were enemies in the way. But you must understand that God expects you to fulfill your purpose and call on the earth and your part in His vision.

I am going to give you some fundamental truths on going to the next level. If we hold fast to these and apply them, we will see miracles happen in this house and in your lives!

Fundamental Truths for “Taking It To The Next Level”:
-or’ going OVER the river and through the WOODs to your purpose:

I. You must Understand Your Responsibility to the Local Church

a. Every believer has a responsibility to belong to and be committed to a local church body.

The church is a place where:
i. Get directions for your life
ii. Learn to make Godly decisions for your life
iii. Perfect you and grow you in the Word
iv. Find solutions for life’s situations
v. Work your ministry and use your gifts
vi. Fellowship with the Saints

b. Your responsibility is to tithe to support the vision of the house.

If you still have a problem with tithing, then I suggest that God does not have you. You are not sold out to Him. Because if He has you, He has your money.

Let me dispel some falsehoods: If you were prophesied a new anything and you are not tithing…then you can reject it. God ain’t gonna give it to you.

c. Pray for the church and the Pastor.

The Bible declares that a pastor is a gift from Christ Jesus, the Head of the church: “He led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men . . . and he gave some . . . pastors”. EPH. 4:8, 11
Yaa Fosuah Asare
May 23, 2014
wonderful message