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II Corinthians 8:1-15

INTRODUCTION: This portion of Scripture describes the grace giver. The grace giver gives with Christ Jesus in mind. Every gift that Christ Jesus has given us has been a gift of Grace. We deserve nothing any better. Nothing that He gave us did we deserve. When we get to the place that we give as Jesus did, then we certainly are doing well?

The grace giver also gives with heaven in mind. When one has heaven in mind, it will affect his attitude towards the things of the earth. The giver will not at all mind turning lose the earthly to gain the heavenly.

In this study, may we look at the character of the grace giver; then, let us look at the charity of the grace giver. Thirdly, let us look at the continuing of the grace giver.


Paul is complementing the giving practices of the Macedonians as he encourages the Corinthians to give. The northern part of Greece was called Macedonia, the southern part was called Achaia; Corinth was in Achaia. The Macedonians who were the northern neighbors of Corinth were very generous in their giving to the ministries that Paul was involved in. They gave this way though they were very poor. The Lord gives this as an example in His Word to show that a person does not have to be wealthy to exercise faith promise giving.

A. They Gave Out Of Their Poverty. (Vv. 1-2a).

The poverty of the Macedonians is confirmed historically after the land of Alexander the Great was conquered by the Romans. This land was several hundred years earlier the home of Alexander the Great, with all of its wealth. During the time of Paul a people wealthier than what they were in Alexanderís day occupied it. But their wealth was of a different kind. It had a people who were materially poor, but who were rich in Godís grace.

Verse number two describes this kind of giving: "How that in a great trial of afflictions the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality".

It is wonderful that the church at Macedonia did not allow their afflictions to affect in a negative way their giving.

B. They Gave With A Liberality. (V. 2b).

The word "liberality" means openhearted generosity. The described generosity here is of the sacrificial kind. It was with joy that they made their gifts unto the Lord; they did it sacrificially. Paul witnessed this willingness, by Macedonia in their giving in the manner in which they did.

Paul gave this church as an example to challenge the church at Corinth to give; we too should also give. Our giving should not be determined by our bank accounts, but by God?s riches in glory. He has far more than we have. This becomes the basis of "Faith Promise Giving". This also is the highest level of giving. It is given prayerfully