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Memorial Service For Mrs. Louise Mills
(A 99 year old Christian Lady)
February 25, 2010

MESSAGE: Great Changes!

We have gathered here today to remember and to celebrate the life of Louise Mills. Louise was the oldest member of Berryhill Baptist Church and she touched many people in so many ways during her 99 years of life on this

Louise left specific instructions for this service. Here is the letter she wrote to her children:

To Fred & Louise Mills Children at my passing away.
It was mentioned to me if I wanted to be cremated when I passed away-NEVER. (never was circled).

I have tried to live right, so I could go to a better place. I have a plot beside my husbandís grave. Thatís where I want to be put when I pass away.

I would like for Ida Carter to sing the song namedóThis is What Heaven Means to Me; if not that one some other one that she knows.

I would like Rev. Bud Spencer and Rev. Simpson, former Berryhill Pastors
to conduct the service if their health permits. (She outlived both of those pastors).

I would like these bible verses to be read:
Matthew 11:28-30
1 Peter 5:6-7
Revelation 21:4

Thanks for all you have done for your dad and myself. Always live for
The Lord, so we can all be together some day soon.

Love, Mother

Louise was born on August 21, 1910, in Mecklenburg County. She lived thru many changes in her life. (think about that a moment)

When Louise was born back in 1910:
-a postage stamp was 2 cents.
-the President was William Howard Taft.
-life expectancy for males was (48 years);
and for females (51 years).
-the average salary was just $750.00 a year.
-a gallon of milk cost 32 cents.
-the hot toys for children back then was Tinker Toys and
and Lincoln Logs.

YesÖ. Louise experienced many great changes during her long and productive life.

This morning I want to mention just 3 of those Great changes:

I. The Marriage to her husband Fred Mills was a Great Change.

Wouldnít you agree with meÖ that from a Single person to a married person, is a tremendous change in a personís life. Itís no longer just about me, but
about us.

Louise and Fred were married July 26, 1930.

She was just 19 and Fred was 21.

They were married for 46 yearsÖ.

Together they raised four children.
Louise loved her family and showed it in many different ways.

II. The time when Louise gave Her heart to JESUS was another great change in her life.

Iím not sure when that event happened Ö.years and years ago before
I came to Pastor Berryhill.

I do know that Ö.Louise came to Berryhill in 1995 by letter from Glennwood Baptist Church.

When she gave her heart to JesusÖ.it was indeed a life changing event.

It was very evident in her life and in her testimony. (elaborate)

FOLKS: The greatest thing that can be said about Louise.. is that she was a Christian. In fact thatís the most important