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* My favorite story in the whole Bible

* David because of a blood covenant that brings Mephibosheth to live in the King's palace

* Picture of God's love to us

* The thing that interests me about this story...

...there isn't a perfect ending!

* Mephibosheth is in the palace

* But still crippled...twisted ankles

* He is...Delivered But Damaged

* We have adopted a mentality that to be delivered means no more struggle

* What does it mean to be delivered...

* We've led people to believe something that the Bible doesn't teach

* God never promised that once you got saved

* You would...think no evil...feel no evil...desire no evil

* He renewed our Spirit...(Born Again) (Salvation)

* He is renewing our mind...(Desires) (Sanctification)

* He will renew our body

* In the meantime, we struggle and limp


o David is God's choice (Horn 1 Samuel 16)

o Saul, First king, was people's choice (Flask 1 Samuel 10)

o Saul's sons should have been king

o But God rejects Saul...because Saul rejected God

o Jonathan (Saul's son) should have been King

o Jonathan died on the battlefield

NOTE: Jonathan was torn between
Dad Saul = Source of our flesh
Friend David = Will of God

He stayed with flesh and died without reaching his destiny

o Jonathan has a son named Mephibosheth that had rights to the throne...but was rejected

o David and Jonathan made a blood covenant

o Now David will honor it

o He calls...


* Mephibosheth has a condition that hinders his position

* Mephibosheth = shameful one

* Lodebar = Place of no communication

o Don't want to talk about your problem

* He had rights because of the blood

* But living in his despair

* How he got like this

DRAMA Holding a little boy

Little boy in the arms of a nurse
She drops him

He wasn't old enough
It wasn't his fault
He was damaged by someone he trusted

He was lame in his feet
Because someone that was supposed to help...they hurt

This would be king
But, now broken

The reason...she withdraws...
The reason...Daddy don't cry...
The reason...Christians act,...



o Saul's people are being killed

o David now is looking for anyone in the House of Saul

o See the picture...Jesus is looking to save anyone that is in the flesh

o Because of the blood covenant made between him and man

o But he needs a messenger

o David sends Ziba out

DRAMA Pick up crippled young man

o Jesus sends out the church

o Watch Ziba go looking, searching...

o Now carrying Mephibosheth back

o Mephibosheth couldn't get to the palace


o The church has got to go

o When I could not find mercy

o Mercy came running to me


* You're in a new place with an old problem

A leader in a the church....