Proverbs 29:1 KJV He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.
NIV A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyedó without remedy.
What do you think of when you read this scripture? What do you think of when the Bible says "hardened hearts?" When we think of hardhearted people, most of us tend to think of avowed atheists such as Madalyn Murray OíHair - the woman who was instrumental in removing prayer from public schools. Atheists like OíHair ridicule the very idea of God. Whenever they refer to Christians, their words have a harsh, biting edge. Other atheists flaunt their hatred for God - such as the rock performer Marilyn Manson, who rips up Bibles during his stage show. Whenever we hear about such people, we think, "Those are the most hardhearted people in the world!" Or, we may think of militant gay activists who mock Christianity and blaspheme Godís name. Whenever we hear of such people, we think, "Their hearts have become hardened because of sin. Theyíre impossible to reach!"
I could go on and on, describing all kinds of scoffers, mockers, blasphemers, rejecters of Christ. And, indeed, each of these could accurately be described as being hardhearted. But if you want to discover the hardest hearts of all - the ones the Lord most despises - you have to look in Godís house. The hardest hearts are always found among his people! According to the Bible, The Hardness of Heart That God Most Despises Has to Do With the Hearing and Rejecting of His Word.
The Hebrew word for "reproved" in this verse refers to corrective teaching. And the word for "without remedy" here is "marpe" - meaning, "without a cure," "without any possibility of deliverance." This verse first tells us that hardness of heart comes as a result of rejecting repeated warnings - of pushing aside all wooings of the truth. And, second, it tells us that over time such hardness becomes impossible to cure. So, who are the people that most often hear these warnings? They are supposedly Christians - those who sit in Godís house each week listening to sermons of reproof!
Now, even those hard-hearted sinners I mentioned before can be turned, canít they? They can one day come to God and experience His great love and mercy. The life of Madalyn Murray OíHairís son illustrates this. He had been raised in probably the most atheistic household in America. And he later worked for his mother, crusading against God and religion. But when he heard the gospel, he got gloriously saved - and he later became a minister, preaching Christ instead of cursing him. This manís hardness was curable also - because he hadnít sat under sermons of reproof and continually rejected them.
You may ask, "What exactly is a hard heart?" A hard heart is one that is determined to resist obeying Godís word. It has become impossible to stir, immune to the convictions and warnings of the Holy Spirit.

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