Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 18:1-6

He was 21 years old. By all appearances he was living life to the fullest. Parties, drinking, living it up. He was young and full of live. He had a bright future ahead of him. Although this was the appearance to many, inside a war was going on. The parties were no longer satisfying, the alcohol no longer enough, the friends were there when he would buy their drinks, and his family-well he hadnít seen his mother since he was a young boy and his father was not much of one. He was only 21, but inside of his exterior confidence an interior battle was being fought. He began to feel hopeless. He had no reason to live. Why should he go on. There is nothing in this life for me. So one day he had had enough. He could no longer bear the emptiness that he felt on the inside. So he went to his lonely apartment room, and set on the edge of his bed. He pulled out his 22 revolver pointed it at his chest and pulled the trigger.
Have you ever felt like a complete failure? Do you ever wonder what you are alive for? Has life seemingly passed you by? Do you lie awake at night and wonder why your life has turned out the way it has?
Maybe at one point in your life you had big dreams. You were going to go places. You wanted a big house, a nice job, the perfect husband or wife, and a bunch of chubby little kids who were all little angels. Instead, you got a shack for a house, your marriage is a wreck, and you canít work because you have too many little brats to take care of. So now, you lay awake and wonder why? Why live? Why fight this battle anymore? Maybe its not even what Iíve talked about so far . . . whatever it may be, it doesnít really matter. It all adds up to the same conclusion-hopelessness.
In our world today many feel like there existence means nothing. Many are simply empty shells of brokeness. Oh, they paste a smile on their faces, and laugh there way through life, or maybe they become depressed and withdraw from it all. Suicides occur everyday at unprecedented rates. From the front page of the newspaper to the deep, hidden corners of the human heart a cry is going up. Itís the searching, longing cry of a culture and, in fact, a world in crisis. Where is the hope? Where is the peace? Where is the purpose and meaning for life here in the real world?
Many you feel like you have messed up too many times. God would never forgive me now. Iíve gone too far. Waited too long. Perhaps the Potter of your life has thrown the clay away. Have you ever wondered if maybe the clay of your life has been thrown away? Well I have good news, God has not thrown the clay of your life away. God has come to make your vessel all that it was intended to be, and today he wants to

1. Redeem the Vessel.
Redeem means to buy back. God desires to buy back the broken pieces of your life. It doesnít matter how broken up your life may be. It doesnít matter what you have done, or where
W. Richards
November 4, 2008
Excellent sermon, Jon, apparently from your heart. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.