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He Got Up

Introduction: We seem to keep Jesus crucified and dead and buried except for two days of the year, on Christmas, when heís born, and on Easter, when he raises from the dead. If thatís what you think, I would like to change your mind about that.

I. I Corinthians 15:1-8, 13-22.

A. In this message, weíll going to discuss the uniqueness of Jesus, why he got up, and what it means for us that he got up. Those are my points.

II. The uniqueness of Jesus.

A. Religion is man reaching out to God, but God reached out to man through Jesus.

B. In other religions, the gods and religious leaders would remain aloof, but Jesus came and cared for us.

C. In other religions, their gods didnít care about us, but Jesus loved us so much he gave his life for us.

1. The purpose of his death.

2. But he got up.

III. Why he got up.

A. What would happen if he didnít get up?

1. We would receive no forgiveness for our sins.

2. There would be no salvation for our condition.

3. We would rot in Hell.

4. We would be speaking foolishness.

5. The lists of saints would be a ship of fools.

6. Every skeptic, agnostic, and atheist would have good reason to make fun of us.

7. We would live a defeated life, no victory.

8. We would have no reason to live.

B. But he got up.

1. Our sins are forgiven.

2. We can become a new creature.

3. There will be a better place after this life.

4. We have a message to give.

5. The lists of saints are an example to us.

6. We have an argument for the doubter.

7. We can have a victorious life.

8. Life has a new meaning.

IV. Need I remind you that it was because of his love for us? He didnít have to do it.

A. He couldíve given up.

1. Because of the doubting disciples.

2. Because of the peopleís unbelief.

3. Because of the pharisees and Sadducees.

B. He couldíve gone away.

1. When they arrested him.

2. When they put him in mock trials.

3. When he was placed before Pilate.

C. He couldíve struck back.

1. When they whipped him 39 times.

2. When they took a crown of inch-long thorns and placed it on his head.

3. When they nailed him to a cross.

D. He could have come down from the cross.

E. He could have stayed dead those three days in the tomb.

1. But he got up.

2. The women visited the tomb.

a. What did they see?

b. He got up.

3. The women told the disciples what happened.

a. They ran to the tomb. What did they see?

b. He got up.

4. Jesus appeared to the disciples.

a. He said, "All power has been given to me."

b. In other words, he got up.

V. What does it mean for us that he got up?

A. We can face tomorrow.

B. Thereís deliverance for the captives.

C. That he is Lord!

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April 7, 2001