April 12, 2009 -- EASTER SUNDAY

-- Luke 24:1-11

INTRO: Easter morning. An empty tomb. Fulfillment of Scripture. Every Easter every believer has complete confidence concerning Christ and their Christian faith. Today, actually every day, we celebrate and rejoice at the message of the angels: ďHe is not here; he has risen!Ē Throughout history man has tried to change this beautiful, simple soul-saving message of Godís gospel. The Roman government immediately spread the rumor that Jesusí body had been stolen. Manís denial does not change Godís truth.
Godís angels declared, ďHe is not here; he has risen!Ē The women told the disciples. The disciples also repeated Godís truth. "With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all"(ACTS 4:33). Today we still testify to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. By faith much grace, which is Godís divine, free grace, is upon all of us.

I. Come to see.
II. Live and tell.


A. The woman come to the tomb with a sorrowful sense of duty, verse 1. The body had to be prepared.
1. Jesus was hastily removed from the cross and placed into the tomb on Good Friday.
2. A large stone sealed the tomb. Verse 2. There is joy because they can enter the tomb.
3. The womenís joy turns to sadness, verse 3. Where is the body of Jesus? What happened?

B. Verse 4. God does not leave the women wondering. God never lets anyone wondering about truth.
1. The angels wanted these women to think, verse 5. Jesus is alive. Why look among the dead?
2. Verse 6a. Very clearly the angels announce Godís great, wonderful, and miraculous truth.

C. Verse 6b. Think of the many times Jesus reminded you of the things that were to happen.

D. The women came to the tomb to see Jesusí body. The tomb was empty. On Easter we come to the tomb. We see that the tomb of Jesus is still empty. ďHe is not here; he has risen!Ē Seeing is believing. You, I, and Christians throughout all creation are blessed and privileged beyond all comparison to be able to see with eyes of faith. We hear with our ears of faith. We believe in our hearts of faith the message of the angels. ďHe is not here; he has risen!Ē Our faith is Godís gift of undeserved grace to each of us. Our faith is Godís gift to us through the power of his saving word. "Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ"(ROMANS 10:17).

E. We come and see the empty tomb. For a short time this tomb was not empty. The lifeless body of Jesus was placed into the tomb for a very short while. It was the price that God himself demanded as the payment for our sins. This is Godís amazing grace. Adam and Eve sinned and ruined Godís perfect creation. God promised them, and future generations, a Savior to pay the