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Have you ever believed something, only to find out that it wasnít true? That has happened to me more than once. When I lived in Milwaukee, I would listen to different people on the radio. Every summer, at a huge music festival called Summerfest, these radio personalities would do their shows live from the festival. It was always interesting to me to go there and see what the radio people looked like. And almost always, I was surprised. Based on what I had heard on the radio, I thought they would look a certain way. But in real life, they looked totally different Ėsome of them were tall, even though they sounded short on the radio! Some of them were fat, even though I had pictured them as thin. Some of them were bald, but the way they talked- they sounded like they had hair!

Have you ever believed something, pictured something one way, only to find out that it was completely different? I think thatís how it is, quite often, when people start to learn more about God. ďI always thought God was this way. I always pictured him this way.Ē But then, after spending some time in the Bible, reading Godís Word, you find out these heís different, not the way you had pictured him. Is it possible, that you have always believed something about God, even though itís not really true?

That happened to a couple people in our Scripture lesson for today Ė a member of the Roman army, and the Apostle Peter. Both of them had pictured God one way, only to find out that he was very different from how they had pictured him in their minds. As we focus on Godís Word for today, you also might be surprised at. You might find out some things about God today that you had never known before, things that contradict the way you had always thought. God will change the way you think, as you study his Word Ė that always happens, and itís always for the better. May God bless you these next few moments as we take some time to focus on the lives of two people you will someday see in heaven.

The first person we meet is a man named Cornelius. Cornelius was a centurion in the Italian regiment of the Roman army. These centurions were in change of 100 men, and they were always men of very noble character. The Bible describes Cornelius and his family as God-fearing and devout. He was always donating money to the poor, and he prayed to God regularly. Cornelius was a great guy, but something was wrong Ė he wasnít going to heaven. Why? He seemed good. He followed the religion of the Jews. He prayed, he donated to the poor, he tried to live a good, clean life. In his mind, thatís what God wanted Ė thatís the way to heaven.

But something was wrong. Something was missing in his heart, something big, and so God sent an angel to Cornelius, and told Cornelius to find the Apostle Peter. And so he does Ė Peter comes to his house, and shares with Cornelius the true way of salvation. Something was missing
Homer Henry
June 8, 2008
Thanks brother, your sermon remind me how God directs change, God Bless
Gary Jones of All Saints Kesgrave
January 13, 2008
iwas doing my sermon for tonight and kept thinking it was bland you know the brick wall syndrome when i came across your sermon it inspired me with what you had writting your sermon was exellent may god bless the work you do in his name gary jones all saints kesgrave ipswich suffolk england