Bible clearly teaches is SINFUL and UNNATURAL”- Romans 1:26-27

2. Regardless of what our COURTS and CONGRESS are doing, I believe MANY Americans, and possibly the MAJORITY, are against ABORTION and GAY MARRIAGE.


The only reason that America HAS BEEN and, I believe, STILL IS the GREATEST NATION on EARTH is because God has RICHLY BLESSED us. However, it is by God’s CHOOSING if America remains GREAT. Our GREATNESS is not CONTINGENT upon how POWERFUL we are. It’s not DEPENDENT upon who’s ahead in the ARMS RACE. Whether we have a DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN in the WHITE HOUSE doesn’t matter. Our GREATNESS and our SURVIVAL are DETERMINED solely by our FAITH in God and making Him LORD and KING!

This is especially EVIDENT at this time when many of our own GOVERNING LEADERS are attempting to DETHRONE God and with the ever declining MORALITY in our COUNTRY, I think you would agree that our NATION needs the HEALING TOUCH of God, our Lord and Savior.

HEALING of our NATION is AVAILABLE only if America FOLLOWS God’s INSTRUCTION laid out in II Chronicles 7:14 (READ).

During the PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION, the Bible on which the PRESIDENT-ELECT takes the OATH of OFFICE, is opened to the PASSAGE we just READ. I can only HOPE and PRAY that our PRESIDENT and our FUTURE PRESIDENTS take SERIOUSLY God’s INSTRUCTION for HEALING a NATION.



1. Being the WEALTHIEST, the most POWERFUL, and/or the most INFLUENTIAL, are not the CHARACTERISTICS that God is CONCERNED about in a NATION.

Because I believe America is all of these I just mentioned, it is so easy for our nation’s LEADERS and for us as its CITIZENS, to be rather PRIDEFUL. Now, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have PRIDE in our NATION. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong in being APPRECIATIVE that we LIVE in a NATION that has been GREATLY BLESSED by God.

But we are not to become ARROGANT thinking that we are BETTER than other COUNTRIES and other PEOPLES. Furthermore, we are not to think that we have become a GREAT NATION by our own POWER and STRENGTH, nor to think that we are INVINCIBLE—that we could never FALL.

2. God has always DETESTED a PRIDEFUL HEART—a HAUGHTY SPIRIT—whether it is within INDIVIDUALS or within a NATION.

a. “PRIDEFULNESS” or “HAUGHTY EYES” is listed first on God’s HATE LIST- Prov. 6:16.

b. Listen to what God says about a prideful NATION- Obadiah 1:1-4 (READ and COMMENT)

3. The remedy is to HUMBLE ourselves before God.

a. James 4:6b- “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

b. James 4:10- “Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up.”

Only as long as our NATION’S LEADERS and we as CITIZENS of this great country HUMBLE ourselves before Almighty God and BOW to Him as the KING of kings, will AMERICA continue to be GREAT.