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Help is on the Way


Sermon shared by Jamie Wright

October 2004
Summary: We all need help in times of trouble. We can’t find real help unless we look to God. We need to cry out to Him and look to Him for our help.
Audience: General adults
is in the name of the Lord...”
Romans 10:13 “Whoever calls on the Lord shall be saved.”

Saved means- rescued, healed, delivered, bought back, redeemed, spared from death!
Help is just a breath away. (Dad and David)
Is anyone in trouble today. Just call on the name of the Lord. He is a very
present HELP in time of trouble.
Help is on the way if your lost today-He can save you
Help is on the way if your bound up and chained- He can deliver you
If you are sinking in the muck of circumstances and situations -He can
rescue you
If you are tired, weak and worn- He can strengthen you. HELP is on the WAY!
Are you broken hearted today? He can mend your broken heart and put all the pieces bak.
He can help replenish you
Sickness in the mind in the body or in the emotions- He can help heal you
Have you lost your kids have they gone their own way? He can help you get your kids back
Is your relationship on the rocks and need help? I have good news for you! HELP is on the way! He can help restore that relationship
HELP is on the way for any situation you have today.
All you have to do is call.
He can do anything!
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