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Oct 20, 2004
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults



John 5:1-9

I heard a story about a man who came home drunk with his drinking buddies late one night. He got his wife out of bed and told her to give them some supper. She went into the kitchen and put some covered dishes on the table. When he lifted the covers, the dishes were empty. She then replied, I hope you enjoy your supper, this is what we had tonight.

Someone has said, the devil’s dishes are always empty, but Jesus fills the Christian dish with many blessings. Here in this story, we have a crippled man who has been cripple for 38 years, but we see Jesus blessing him.

Some say that God help those who help them-selves, and even say it is in the Bible. But that is not true, for God helps the helpless.


A-Notice The Place Of The Problem: 2

Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.

This pool of Bethesda meant house of mercy. It was located next to the temple and the sheep gate. This is where the sacrificial sheep were led to for the purpose of sacrifice.

The place of the problem was not in some pagan country but next door to the temple or the Church house of Jerusalem.

Sometimes we forget about those around us who are sick and hurting, and those who are lost.

ILLUSTRATION: I heard a preacher relate a story about a lady in his Church who was in charge of the missions program. He said, though this lady was interested in supporting mission, she didn’t even know who lived across the street from her.

ILLUSTRATION: When I think of that story, I think of WA Criswell and his experience at FBC Dallas, Texas. Someone visited him while he was in the hospital and caught him making many telephone calls. When asked who he was calling, he said, prospects who had just arrived in Dallas. Then he told the person why he was urgent in calling then,. He said one morning during the worship service, a man stood to his feet and said, he had lived several years next to the Church and none had ever visited him from the Church. Bro Criswell said, it cut his to his heart, and he was determined that would never be said again about FBC.

B-Notice The People Of The Problem: 3

In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.

These people were sick, some had lost their sight, some were cripple, and some were weak. It was a place of pain and suffering.

This is a description of the spiritual sick. Such as the weak(Romans5:6) For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

Some are more spiritually sick than others, but all are sick spiritually, and need Jesus.

ILLUSTRATION: At an evangelistic service conducted in London by Dr. G. Campbell Morgan, a hardened criminal came forward to the altar seeking salvation. Dr. Morgan knelt beside him and pointed him to Jesus the Lamb of God who could cleanse him from all his sins, and he who had been a great sinner believed and was converted.

Talk about it...

So, what did you think?

Thank you.