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"HIS Word Is Enough, Donít Be Fooled"
Jesus Is ENOUGH - part three - Col 2:1-23

A little boy was lost inside a busy shopping mall. He was standing in the aisle of a department store just crying and crying, "I want my mommy.. I want my mommy." People who passed by felt sorry for him and many of them gave him nickels and dimes and quarters to try to cheer him up.

Finally a salesperson from the floor walked up to the distraught little boy and said, "I know where your mommy is, son."

The little boy looked up with his tear trenched eyes and said, "So do I....just keep quiet, I got a good thing going here!"

Question; Have you ever been fooled by someone? Has anyone ever deceived you? Has someone ever convinced you that something was real good and that you just had to have it... and when you got it -- you found out that you had been ripped off.

Maybe you bought a used car -- and were convinced that you got a winner -- but as soon as you drove it off the lot it became obvious that you had bought a lemon.

Or maybe you have been deceived by a person, someone who sweet talked you, convinced you that they were on the up and up -- and that they really cared about you, but when your back was turned they hurt you and took advantage of you.

A deception is something that looks good on the outside and makes many great promises, but on the inside it is empty -- and there is really not much to it.

It is like putting our money into a machine and pushing a button for a bag of Potato chips that, judging from the appearance of the package, look as though it is full of nice crunchy potato chips. But when the bag comes out and we open it... we find out that it is mostly full of just air and only has about 3 chips in it... Iíve bought bags like that.

Donít you hate to be fooled -- to be deceived -- to be taken advantage of/to be used/to be conned..... And I guess the only thing that could be worse than being fooled ourselves, is to have someone we care about, a loved one, be taken advantage of by someone.... either financially, spiritually or emotionally (now that will get you upset).

Paul felt these same concerns about the christians in Colosse. [2:1-5]

Even though Paul had never met the Christians in Colosse personally, he still struggled for them.... We know from chapter 1 verse 9 that part of that struggle involved Paul continuously praying for the believers at Colosse.

And the thing that really ignited Paulís concern was that false teachers who were peddling doctrines of destruction had invaded the Church. They came with many fine sounding arguments -- that sounded convincing... And Paul wanted the church to know that if they bought into those lies, that they were buying a lemon, they were falling into a trap/ a dangerous trap/a deadly trap... and that they would come up empty in the end...

Though these teachings that looked good when they first pushed the button, when opened would be found to be filled