Today, many people think discipleship is only for the few, the brave, the select, but this is not the Master’s attitude.

When Jesus chose disciples, He wasn’t looking for models; He was looking for real people. He chose people who could be changed by His love, and then He sent them out to communicate that His acceptance was available to anyone - even to those whose lives are marked by failure.

We may wonder what Jesus sees in us when He calls us to be His disciples. But we must believe that Jesus accepts us, and, in spite of our humanity, can use ordinary people just like you and me to do His extraordinary work.

We must understand that discipleship, from salvation to glorification, is by God’s grace through faith. The calling of Jesus is gracious and inviting, adventurous and unsettling. But it is a choice – a choice originating with God and fulfilled in simple obedience.

Jesus’ 12 disciples were from all walks of life - fishermen, political activists, tax collectors, common people and uncommon leaders, rich and poor, educated and uneducated.

Of the 12, Jesus’ first disciples were Andrew, John, Peter, and James.

Of these four, two sets were brothers: Andrew and Peter, John and James (Matthew and James – the sons of Alphaeus - may have been brothers as well bringing the total number of those who were brothers to 6 – truly, a band of brothers – a family of families).