1. Jesus instructed His apostles through the Holy Spirit because He wanted them to continue the ministry that He began. Our Lord did not expect His disciples to invent their own agendas. Christís ministry showed people how to have a great influence through the demonstration of Godly characteristics in every good work, relationship and teaching. Everything Christ did became an inspiration for all sincere hearted people to follow His example. Ask the Lord to help you follow Christís example of service, love and multiplication ministries through the Spiritís empowering guidance.

2. Jesus knew that the disciples would need the empowering of the Holy Spirit if they were to continue His ministry of miraculous works, healing and teaching of Godís kingdom and righteousness. Without the empowering of the Spirit of God the disciples would be tempted to just rely on their memories and their own strength to accomplish Godís will. Our Lord wanted the disciples to realize that only through the Spiritís leading could they work the works of God. Ask the Lord to help you trust and obey the Spiritís directing in all that you do, say and become.

3. Jesus taught the disciples that without the Spiritís empowering no one could be successfully evangelized or discipled. The Lord Jesus instructed the disciples that without the Spiritís conviction and revelation, no person could truly know and trust the living God in whom we live and move and have our being. Christ knew that growing in all aspects into godliness would only be possible through the Spiritís transforming enablement. Ask the Lord to help you avoid trying to do evangelism or disciple making ministries without the Spiritís convicting, revealing and transforming enablement.

4. Jesus wanted the disciples to know that their teaching ministries would flow from what they knew, how they lived and their heart felt motivations. Our Lord wanted the disciples to teach in a way that was in full harmony with His cognitive, behavioral and affective characteristics. Only through the empowering of the Spirit can a person fully embody Christís thoughts, behaviors and motivations. Ask the Lord to help you teach in a way that conforms to Christís ideal teaching, actions and intentions.

5. Jesus encouraged the apostles to wait on the Holy Spirit for their deliverance from the temptations of the worries, riches, pleasures, troubles and persecutions of this life. Our Lord knew that the disciples would be greatly tempted to let the seed of the Word of God get choked out by competing influences. Only through the Holy Spiritís deliverance, protection and, preserving work is anyone able to overcome temptations. Ask the Lord to help you to be delivered from all kinds of personal, circumstantial and relational influences.

6. Jesus exhorted the apostles to rely on the Holy Spiritís directives in teaching their followers how to abide in Christ the vine for all of their fruit bearing ministries. Our Lord knew that the apostles