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How The Holy Spirit Helps Us Exhibit Wise Diplomacy
(Acts 26:1-28)

1. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to exhibit diplomacy in our dealings with people just as He led Paul before King Agrippa.

Illustration;D.L. Moody had a keen memory for names and faces. If one of his children was missing from Sunday school, he knew it, and he would do everything possible to find out why. One day he saw an absentee coming down the street, so he took off after her. She ran down the sidewalk, across the street, and through an alley into a saloon, up the stairs to a back apartment, into the bedroom, and then dived under the bed. Moody went after her, and just as he was claiming his prize, the mother showed up. Panting from the exertion, Moody simply explained, "Iím Moody," He said that he had missed the girl and would be happy if all the family could come to the services. Within a few weeks he had every child in the family in his school.

W. Wiersbe, The Wycliffe Handbook of Preaching

Paul, the apostle used tact, discretion and the skill of a diplomat to persuasively present His case before King Agrippa. Paul said, "King Agrippa, I consider myself fortunate to stand before you today as I make my defense against all the accusations of the Jews... I beg you to listen to me patiently." (Acts 26:2,3) Ask the Lord to give you excellent diplomatic skills in dealing with people inside and outside of your organization for Godís glory.

2. The Holy Spirit gave Paul great prudence in the content, delivery and organization of his presentation.

Ask the Lord to give you meaningful substance, persuasive delivery and a well-organized plan to present.

3. The Holy Spirit enabled Paul to show coolness under pressure. Dr. Luke wrote, "At this point Festus interrupted Paulís defense. ĎYou are out of your mind Paul! Your great learning is driving you insane.í I am not insane, most excellent Festus. What I am saying is true and reasonable." (Acts 26:24,25)

Ask the Lord to help you maintain your emotional, mental and spiritual cool when criticized.

4. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to show respect to people without having to lose our dignity or integrity. Paul spoke in a complimentary fashion to the King.

The great apostle showed respect for the Kingís position without compromising his integrity, dignity or spiritual standing.

5. The Holy Spirit gave Paul great humility in speaking to the King without lacking any confidence. Ask the Lord to give you a genuine sense of humility as you speak the word of truth with great authority.

6. The Holy Spirit showed Paul how to use questions to bring home his main point while maintaining a diplomatic manner. Paul asked, "King Agrippa, do you believe the prophets? I know you do." (Acts 26:27)

Ask the Lord to show you how to use informational, analytical, reflective, and application questions.

7. The Holy Spirit brought the necessary facts to Paulís mind just when he needed them. Paul spoke with a