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How To Be A Godly Father

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May 24, 2001
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: Adults

Summary: How to be a Godly father in an ungodly world.



GENESIS 5:21-24

Also read Heb.11:5-6 & Jude 14-15.

INTRO: Get the picture. It is an extremely hot day in a major desert city. The city bus is crowded. The people are tired and miserable. Suddenly, a young man begins cursing. It’s one cuss word after another. The bus driver looks in mirror and can tell the people are ashamed for him. When the young man got off the bus, the driver said,"Sir, you’ve left something." "What?!,"he asked."A bad impression", said the driver.----Fathers, what are you leaving behind? Your influence never dies. Good or bad, right or wrong-it never dies. Are you a godly influence on your family or negative-ungodly? I believe by studying the life of Enoch we can see how to improve and be a Godly father--be a Godly influence. You see-it’s simple. How to be a Godly father in an ungodly world is to simply "walk with God". Enoch walked with God.

Enoch lives in an ungodly world. Look at Gen.6:5.(Noah-his great-grandson).Jesus even gives us commentary on this-Matt.24. It is a pleasure oriented, pleasure seeking, self-gratifying generation. No thought of coming judgment. The Godly marrying the ungodly and the result is the destruction of the home. Sounds like the year 2000. The times are so evil that Enoch even went against the grain and preached against this evil-Jude 14-15.(key word there "ungodly". Enoch lives in an ungodly world, yet he walks with God. Fathers,yes,we live in an ungodly world, but we can walk with God,and be a Godly father. (All Christians-the same.) But that raises another question.

What does it mean to walk with God? Means several things (5 things)


Now you’ve got to realize, that God’s direction is up, and man’s is down. Rom.3:23. And in order to walk in God’s direction we’ve got to turn around ie.repent. Walking in God’s direction, first, means a conversion experience. Enoch was born into sin as we all are. From all indications he had been living a sinful, wicked, ungodly life.--running around w/the ungodly crowd of his day. But something happened, that changed his life, that caused him to repent and go in God’s direction. Did you catch it. Note vs.22--Enoch walked w/God after he begat Methuseleah. After the birth of his first son, he turned his life over to God and began to go in God’s direction. When that baby was born it changed his life forever. (APPL) Listen, sometimes God puts a baby in a family just for that purpose. A baby can be the turning point in a person’s walk w/Christ. And if that baby will not bring you back to God, then nothing else will. For the next 300 years Enoch walks in God’s direction. Fathers, are you running w/ the ungodly crowd? I beg you to turn and go in God’s direction. The Bible says you must be born again.


We read Heb.11:5-6 that said,"By faith Enoch...had pleased God" Why? Because he had walked by faith. And w/o faith it is impossible to please God. What does walking by faith mean?

Talk about it...

So, what did you think?

Thank you.