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How You Can Be Sure of Your Salvation

I John 5:13
2 Timothy 1:7-12

Christians of all ages need the assurance of salvation. Carollynís step-father was an outstanding Christian gentleman. He was a retired School Superintendent in Michigan. He moved to Florida and married Carollynís mother after a short dating time. All his life he was active in the Free Methodist Church.

He because very sick and had to go to the hospital. While physically weak he had some doubts? He asked: ďHow Can I Be Sure I am Saved?Ē ďMaybe thereís some sin in my life that I have forgotten to confess?Ē ďIf I die I want to be sure of my salvation?Ē

How can You be sure of your salvation? Godís word has clear teaching on Assurance. According to Godís Word you can not just sing words, but you can sing from your heart: ďBlessed assurance Jesus is mine! O what a foretaste of glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God.

Godís Word teaches a clear message on ďHow You can Be Sure of Your Salvation.Ē

I. Assurance of Salvation is not by feelings.

Human nature is such that judgments and decisions are often made according to feelings. If it makes you feel good it must be okay. If what you do brings pleasure it must be okay.

Emotions and feelings either good or bad come and go. Emotions and feelings are often determined by how your day goes. When you have stress, pressures, hurts, conflicts, and problems you may become frustrated and fell like giving up. But when you day goes great, you have extra money on hand, everybody likes you and all is well you feel great.

One simple life principle is this: ďDonít deny your feelings or emotions, but rather focus on the big picture of life.Ē When you are sick or weak or in crisis donít panic. Be assured that Jesus is with you all the way in good times and bad.

If you gage your spiritual vitality by your feelings you will be disappointed. If you have to be on an emotional high and full of enthusiasm all the time to feel like your have spiritual victory watch out. Feelings donít drive your spiritual health or vitality.

I like the example that the late Bill Bright, Past President of Campus Crusade for Christ uses to describe the Christian Life. He uses an old time train to describe the Christian Life.

Train Engine = Fact - Godís Word
Coal Car = Faith Ė faith in God keeps you going
Caboose = Feeling comes at the end of the train

The caboose (feeling) has no power to pull the train.

By your human effort you can work up feelings of emotional high. You can take drugs to get an emotional high.

# When I was pastor of the Taylor FMC, Taylor, Michigan - I went to the church early one Saturday morning. A young man was kneeling down before the big tree at the back of the church near the parking lot. When I walked up to him he was very friendly and said he felt close to God and wanted me to pray with him. I said sure Iíd be glad to pray with him. Then he said, ďDo
James Blowers of Fill-my-cup
March 29, 2008
If assurance of salvation is conditional on my commitment, then Christ died in vain.