Jerry Falwell

Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy nameĒ (Psalm 103:01).

Today I want to ask four questions about this Psalm and answer them.

1. Who should bless the Lord?
2. What aspect of my life should bless the Lord?
3. Why should I bless Godís name?
4. At what age should we bless the Lord?


1. The Psalmist Talks To Himself.

Your soul is the first audience to which you should speak. Your soul is your best audience, your most honest audience and the most important audience in life. What you say to yourself determines what you are and do. You cannot lie to yourself, you only tell yourself the truth. When you say ďBless the Lord, O my soul,Ē you know if your heart means what your words say you are doing.

2. The Psalmist Directs Himself To Bless The Lord.

David didnít tell the angel to bless the Lord, or the works of Creation to bless the Lord, or other believers to bless the Lord, or the nation of Israel to bless the Lord. David spoke to himself.

3. The Psalmist Blesses The Lord Because He Has Been Blessed.

You can never be a great choir leader, until you know the music. You canít paint a picture on canvas until you see the portrait in your soul. You canít play hockey until you can ice skate. Iíve never appreciated hockey, because I didnít ice skate as a boy. You canít bless the Lord until you know how and where God has blessed you.

Why bless God? (v. 3,4)

a. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities. You can bless God because youíve been cleansed.
b. Who healeth all thy diseases. You can bless God because of good health.
c. Who redeemeth thy life from destruction. You
can bless God because He protects you from harm.
4. We Canít Bless The Lord.

It is not possible for us to bless God, because the one who is the ďBlesserĒ is greater than the one who is blessed. So, how can we bless God? It begins when God blesses us, then we in turn bless Him for His goodness to us. When we bless God, we are giving back to him what He deserves. Worship is giving the worthship To God that is due Him.

B. What Part of My Life Should Bless The Lord?

ďBless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me.Ē I must bless the Lord with every part of my being, i.e., ďAll that is within me.Ē

1. May my lips bless the Lord. Let no evil thing cross my lips, but let me praise Him with my mouth.

2. May my eyes bless the Lord. Let my eyes never look on evil, but may my eyes be always lifted up toward heaven, and always looking to Him in praise.

3. May my ďfeelingsĒ bless the Lord. Let me not feel evil or rebellion, but may my emotions always express all my love, passion, goodness and depth of heart to God. Let me bless the Lord with depth of emotions.

4. May my ďmindĒ bless the Lord. Let me not think of wickedness or evil, but may I bless the Lord with all of my memory, my reason, my insight, my logic and