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According to the text, lukewarm is a condition of being neither hot nor cold in oneís spiritual attitude toward the things of God. The lukewarm person doesnít protest the things of God, but neither does he promote them. He just kind of balances on the fence of apathy.

Itís important, if you are in a lukewarm condition, that you get over it. Itís important because it is a condition that is despised by Jesus. He says to the Laodiceans, ďI will spew you out of My mouth.Ē This brings to mind the imagery of this condition being so distasteful to Jesus, that it nauseates Him.

Itís easy to understand why Jesus would rather they be hot, but why would He rather they be cold, than to be lukewarm? It seems like any spiritual warmness would be better than none. It is because a person who is spiritual cold is easily recognized by others as being such, but the lukewarm person may appear to be where he needs to be with God, and others are in danger of following his example.

I cannot imagine any true born again child of God who would want to be in such a position of bringing this kind of displeasure to the Lord. So, if you find yourself in the place of lukewarmness, I want to give you a biblical look at how to get over it.

The Laodiceans didnít realize their condition, v17.
Isnít it amazing that these church people could have so deceived themselves, that they thought they were in good shape, when in reality just the opposite was true?

They were materialistically affluent. They believed the dollar was the answer to every problem. They believed because they had money, they didnít really need anything else, according to verse 17.

These are the kind of people who be too busy to be faithful in their church attendance and certainly too busy to take any position of ministry within the church.

Proverbs 22:2 says, ďThe rich and poor meet together, and the Lord is the maker of them all.Ē Have you ever gone into the waiting room of a cancer treatment center, or an intensive care unit waiting room? It becomes quickly evident that in these situations the rich and poor meet together. It has been said that money can buy the finest doctors, but it canít buy health; it can buy the best food, but it cannot buy appetite and digestion; it can buy the nicest of beds, but it cannot buy restful sleep; and, it can be many things to give ease and comfort in life, but it cannot buy more time, when your time is up, nor can it buy you place in the Book of Life.

The first thing to do, if you find that you are in a condition of spiritual lukewarmness, is to admit that you are there. No progress can made without acknowledging your present position.

Godís way out this lukewarm condition, v18-20
In the finality of Jesusí advise to these lukewarm people, Jesus was saying that they needed to come back to Him.

He said that He has some gold, refined by fire, that will really make one rich. There are a number of ways to be rich, and money is just one of