How To Keep Going When You Canít Go On
2 Cor. 4:1-18
I believe my sermon title tonight would be called a oxymoron. It doesnít hardly make sense does it.
Yet, there are times when we must keep going when we just feel like we canít. Have you ever said, " I just donít know how much more of this I can take." or " I donít know how much longer I can keep doing this."
Sometimes when we make those statements it may be in reference to a job, or in our marriage, or perhaps even concerning something at church. It may be said during times of trouble or sickness..........but regardless of our situation, we most all certainly feel like there are times when we just canít go on.
I think sometimes we are mislead into believing that the people of the Bible were superhuman in some way. Yet, a closer look at the word of God will reveal to you that they were human...and that they experienced much of the same things in life as we do.
Paul is one of those guys. He knew a little bit about "how to keep going when you canít go on". Tonight I want us to look at some things that will help us when we get to those points in our lives.

I. The Adversity & Attitude

a. He was crowded but not crushed.
V. 8 "troubled on every side, yet not distressed"
The word "troubled" means "to crowd". Paul experienced troubles, and trials to the point to where it all was closing in on him. I think we refer to this condition today as being "stressed". Yet, Paul said though I am crowded, I am not crushed !
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b. He was doubting but not despairing. V.8
The word "perplexed" means "to have no way out".
There were times in his life when he literally felt "at a loss." Yet, Paul said, I am not in despair. Now this statement is definitely a play of words. Literally Paul is saying..."There are times when I feel "at a loss" but not "totally at a loss". He was filled with doubt about what was going to happen. He may have been full of questions, but he refused to be in despair, and despondent.

c. He was followed, but not forsaken. V.9
The word "persecuted" means "to be pursued or followed". The word "forsaken" means "to be deserted or left behind"
Every where that Paul seemed that trouble followed him. He was threatened, imprisoned and faced death on several ocassions, yet he said...I am not forsaken.

d. He was ditched, but not destroyed. V.9
I heard the late Dr. Jack Hyles preach on this text once, and he said that Paul was "knocked down, but not knocked out."
He had been cast down, knocked off his feet, but he had not been destroyed as a result.

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The question we all want to have answered tonight is how did Paul maintain this kind of attitude in spite of his adversity. How can we keep going when we canít go on ?

II. The Answer

a. The Faith will keep us going when we canít go on.
V. 13

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