How to not fall out of a window and die
• Have you ever fallen asleep in an inappropriate place?
• I can remember when I was in college, I used to be so tired all the time. Its hard work hanging out
• I had this 8am class, spring quarter, I would literally wake up, go to breakfast, go to the class and sleep for an hour
• Why did I even go? I could have just slept in.
• I got a D- the lowest grade you could get and still get credit- I didn’t care
• In the Army 5 years later I was sitting in a Board and some Major asked me about it
• You never know what can happen when you fall asleep.
• This AM want to preach from Acts 20:7-12 READ
• Eutychus- the name means “good fortune”
• I’m not sure how fortunate he was- but that’s what his name was
• Its easy in your Christian life because you’re doing more than other people to get a sense of contentment
• We are on a journey together- a journey of being refined by the holy spirit and growing to become more like Christ
• That process is not easy- its not for the faint of heart
• But together, we can live this life growing and learning and loving. To become more like Christ
• I’m titling this message- how not to fall out of a window and die- lessons from Eutychus
• What can we learn from the story of Eutychus? How can we not fall out of a window and die?

1. Make sure you stay close
• Having proximity to what God is doing is the first part of growing in Christ
• A lot of people don’t make their relationship with God a priority
o In Vs. 7 we see On the first day of the week
o The early church gathered on the first day of the week
o This was the custom and the norm- they got together
o It was normal to break bread and be together- they spent time with one another.
o I don’t know what time Paul started- but he kept talking until mid-night That’s a sermon!
o So many people talk about church length- we can work for 40 hrs, watch a movie for 3, but cant sit in church for 1.5 hrs?
o The bottom line is that the church, the early church made getting together the priority in their life
o It wasn’t a priority, it was THE priority
o I’m kind of old school- but I think that as we are a called out people, a peculiar people that we are called to spend time with the people of God as much as we can
o God moves in our fellowship time with one another.
o Now I understand that by making the choice to preach on this- some of you are saying- I thought I was close?
o If you are not close I am talking to you! If you are far away I’m talking to you!
o If you are in his lap I’m encouraging you to stay!
o Here is part of my personality- I always ask- “how can we make this better” I bring that to everything I do- including my relationship with Christ
o The hard part about that is that at times
Was this really a "sermon"? Did people sit through it and pay attention or did they just fall asleep?