How to hear Godís Voice - Part 4 of 4
Habakkuk 2:1-3

Well good morning. We just read a few verses from the book of Habakkuk. Who was he? When did he live?
Well we do not know a lot about him we know he prophesied about the suffering of Judah, the southern part of Israel, just before his people were invaded by the Babylonians in 605 BC. This was after the nation had experienced national and spiritual reform through Josiah.
Habakkuk describes the nation as one where justice was ignored and wickedness abounded (1:2-4).
Do you feel that justice is ignored and wickedness abounds in this country and area? I know I do.
In that context Habakkuk asks God to speak to you, answering his doubts and giving him spiritual insight.
Like Habakkuk there are literally hundreds of stories of God speaking directly to people.
Have you ever thought ĎI wonder why I donít hear God speaking like he did in those days.í
Larry Crabb in his book Papa Prayer writes Ďsome people view God as an approving but silent grandfather who just winks at you when you do right.
Is that true? What is the problem with hearing from God?
The fact is God does speak to people today. Weíve been looking in this series about How to Hear Godís Voice. Today I want us to look at the topic of How to Receive Guidance from God.
We said that God speaks primarily in four ways: He speaks through the Bible, through the church, through impressions of the Holy Spirit, and through circumstances or pain. Iíd like to focus again this morning on the third way -- impressions of the Holy Spirit. Itís a way that has a lot of confusion and misunderstanding with people. How does He do it?
Iím going to give you five ways to tune into God to hear God speak to you when you need guidance. Youíre saying, "Lord, should I marry this person?", "Should I change jobs?", "How do I deal with my children in this circumstance?", "Should I make this investment or not?" God wants to deal with you on those issues. But youíve got to be tuned into Him.
Weíre going to look at Habakkuk and the five things he did to tune into God.
But first three prerequisites on how to make a request of God. When you need to ask God for advice there are three prerequisites:
1. I must realize that God cares about the details of my life.
Matthew 6:31-32 says "Donít worry about what you eat or drink or wear. Your heavenly father knows you need these things." Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you as well.
Thatís amazing. God is concerned about what you eat and wear. God cares about every detail of your life. God loves you and made you,
We wrongly think I donít want to bother God." Jesus sayís God the Father is interested because Heís your heavenly Father and He made you. Heís totally interested in caring for you.
2. You need to ask a specific question.
When youíre looking for guidance from God ask a specific