I Am, I Can, I Will!

Deut 2:1-3 KJ
1. Then we turned, and took our journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea, as the LORD spake unto me: and we compassed mount Seir many days.
2. And the LORD spake unto me, saying,
3. Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.

You see the Lord was referring to the children of Israel, they had been wondering in the desert for 40 yrs on the way to the promise land.

And what He was saying to them was, I have something better for you, arenít you getting tired of the same old thing yet!

Havenít you been walking around this wilderness long enough,

Donít you want experience the change in scenery that I have in store for you,

the promised land thatís been waiting for you all this time.

Youíve circled this mountain long enough turn you northward.

Can you imagine, wondering around in circles, in the desert for 40 years.

As hard as it is to have imagined that happening, it really did happen,

You see, they never sought the change, that was necessary for them to experience all that God had in store for them.

Instead of I am, I can, I will, it was more like Iím not, I cant, I wonít.

Sad thing is, there are still people today, just like the children of Israel were,

Reluctant to make a change in the course of their lives, to experience all of the blessings God has in store for them,

Blessings so close, that they could throw a stone and hit them!

Like a strong pot of coffee brewing, they could smell it, but not taste it.

The word of the Lord said: youíve been in this place long enough.

God said it then, and it still holds true today, its time to change your circumstances!

You can you know, because Gods word says itís possible.

Its time to set a new course, a new plan of action, its time to realize that a change is gonna do you good!

does anybody need a victory today, in their;

*personal life

Jesus is ready to deliver whatever you have need of this morning, because He has already been victorious,

over every situation you have encountered, or will ever encounter

You see, He already took care of it, at the cross. Praise the Lord God Almighty!!

There is nothing, I repeat nothing, that can stand up to what He did, when He died on the cross, for each and every one of us,

Is anybody ready for a change in their life this morning?

Is anybody sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Is anyone ready to take back, what the enemy has been stealing from them for far, far to long???
Is anyone ready to stand up and proclaim, I Am, I Can, I Will??

I Am, ready to make the changes necessary in my life, that the Lord wants me to,

So that I can walk in and enjoy the abundant life and good things, He has promised me.

Jeremiah 29:11-13 HCSB.
11. For I know the plans I have for you" [this is] the LORDís declaration
"plans for [your] welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.
Indy Cungcin
August 12, 2011