Introduction: do you believe in miracles? Would it shock you if you knew that almost half of people polled in America said they didn’t believe miracles were for today. We know that the Bible is full of miracles, but seemingly less miracles are happening now a days, what is the reason, how could it be changed.
I Believe In Miracles

As we answer the question to why fewer miracles are happening today than in Bible times, we will see some very good reasons why this is true, and how it could all change, and I believe it will change.

1. Miracles happen when Jesus shows up. Mark 2:1-2 this is a story of a man healed from palsy. The first key to receiving miracles is to get Jesus to show up. It was noised that he was in the house. Today, we promote programs, we promote this or that, but for miracles to happen, we need Jesus to be in the house.

2. Miracles happen when faith is displayed—Matthew 8:10 –another aspect is that unless you believe for miracles, you probably won’t get any. Faith is an important step to receiving miracles. Now out of God’s compassion, we see many times Jesus healing the sick without great faith being present, but out of his mercy for hurting people.

3. Miracles happen when Jesus gets the glory—Acts 3:12-13—when Peter and John healed the man at the gate beautiful, many thought they had done it, but Peter was quick to give all the glory to Jesus. Here is another reason so few miracles take place, as soon as someone receives the power to heal, they begin to take the glory or credit for things and God has to bring their ministry down.

4. Miracles happen when Jesus is the only hope. Mark 5:25-28 this lady had gone to many physicians, spent all her money, but only got worse. When she came to the conclusion Jesus was her only hope, she received a miracle. Here is the next secret of miracles, when we realize that all of man’s knowledge, man’s science, man’s medicines, still cannot produce 100 percent results, and that Jesus is the one who is the healer, we run to the rock that is higher.

5. Miracles happen so the gospel will spread—Acts 28:8-11. I love this story, the chief of the Island of Melita, Publius, had a sick father. Paul goes into his house and heals him. Now the whole island comes to be prayed for, and Paul stays 3 months ministering there. One reason miracles are in a shortage I believe is because of all the fakes, cons, and media coverage of false healing evangelists, that most people have no confidence that miracles are real anymore in America. But the truth is, we need miracles more today in America than anytime in our history. More people are sick, depressed, suicidal, addicted, who need a healing touch in their lives.

Close: there are many more reasons we could give for miracles taking place, but this is a sermon, not a comprehensive study. I said at the beginning I believe we will see a restoration of miracles, here is why? As