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I Don't Believe He Brought Me This Far To Leave Me"


Sermon shared by Levi Wright

June 2007
Summary: This sermon gives us the blessed assurance that the steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord and He will never led us astray nor forsake us.
Audience: Believer adults
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Nobody told me that..... the road would be easy.

Banner of Praise.... look where we tarted from.... and look where you are today!

First Lady Janet Wright..... there was a time that you could not walk and someone had to feed you...... But look where you are today!

Walking on your our strength..... Feeding yourself and your whole family....

Operating your our Alterations & Drapery Shoppe.....

Driving yourself to work every day.....

Look Where the Lord Has Brought You From!

Evangelist Mazie Brown..... there was a time when you didnít know what the Cancer was gonna do..... But.... Look Where The Lord Has Brought You From!

No Radiation Treatments....... No Kemotherapy...

My Brothers and Sisters..... no matter what you are going through today........ I donít believe the Lord brought you this far.... just to leave you!

In the Book of Exodus.... "We saw the children of Israel being led out of Egyptian Bondage into the Land of Milk and Honey... the Promised Land.

Pharaoh had placed such grievous bondage upon them that they cried out to the Lord for deliverance.

God sent Moses to be their Deliverer..... to led them out of all their Slavery and Servitude!

But when they came to the Red Sea!.... There was no way across.

Pharaoh had changed his mind about allowing them to go free.... and he was pursuing after them with his army.

Just like sitting ducks on an open pond with no defense... it looked like the Children of Israel doom was sealed.

Surely..... If Pharaoh would caught up with them.... they knew he would surely make life miserable for them.

But I can image in my mind. Yes, I can just visualize Moses.... standing up to assure the people of God that He was still with them.

You see he had just heard from the Lord God Almighty...

I know the Bible doesnít record this, but I believe Moses may have said, ......"Just calm down Now! Donít get all Upset... Frightened... Feeble-minded and Funny on me Now!

I donít believe the Lord.... brought us this far.... just to leave us."

Moses might have even said...... "Look here now.... Weíve already come too far..... from where we started from."

My Brothers and Sisters... May I also remind you today... that you too may face some Red Sea Experiences....

There will come times in your life.....when it seem like you have no place to go.... and the Principalities and Spiritual Wickness in High Place will try to overcome you.

But.. I donít believe the Lord brought you this far... just to leave you!

There will come times in your life..... When.... Mountains of Difficulty may have you hemmed in on every sides.

But.... I donít believe the Lord brought you this far.... just to leave you!

There will come times in your life....... When..... The Sea of Tribulation may be pulling you under for the last time.

But...... I donít believe the Lord brought you this far.... just to leave you!

There will come times in your life.....When.... The
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