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called him a thief in John 10:10 and

said his only purpose is to steal and kill and

destroy. Amen?

And Iíll tell you that ADT or Brinks canít do

anything to keep this burgular out because heís

not after your material possessions!

See Satanís not after your car or your house, or

your money.

But he is interested in stealing your spiritual


He wants to take from you the things that have

value with God.

He wants to rob you of anything that has any

eternal significance in your life.

III. A Life Without Purpose...
How many in here this morning knows that

Jesus created you for a purpose?

He has a purpose and a plan for every created


The sun has a purpose!
The wind has a purpose!
The Law has a purpose!
The gifts are given for a purpose!

His Church was established on purpose and for

a purpose and every one in it should be purpose

driven! Amen?

But what the devil wants to do is lie and tell you

that God doesnít have a purpose for you so that

he can steal your purpose for living.

You say well Pastor JB why would he want my

purpose for living?

Itís because your purpose is your very reason

for being!

God created you just to fulfil your purpose.

And Heís the one who gave you that purpose!

Ephesians 2:10 says that God before ordained

that you should walk in that calling!

And the enemy knows that if he can steal your

purpose for living you wonít have anything to

live for!

People without pupose turn to Drugs,

They fill their lives with alcohol or

meaningless relationships,

And some become work-a-holics,

Because they are trying to find

something...anything to fill the void thatís

inside of them!

But God made man to find fulfillment in Him

and Him alone.

Only He can fill the void within us and yet so

many people today refuse to believe He even


IV. The Church Has Been Ripped Off...
The world has been ripped off and fooled into

denying the very One who can set them free!

But Iím not just talking about the lost this


Weíve got church folks in here whoíve lost their

sense of purpose!

Weíve been ripped off by the enemy,

And the fires of our first love for Jesus have

been quenched!

Yeah we still love the Lord!

We still come to Church!

But weíve lost all the energy and passion that

we once had to serve Him?

Well Iíll tell you this morning your zeal and

your intensity didnít just dry up.

It didnít just evaporate into thin air!

Satan steals the hot embers, and the end result

is you get ripped off! Amen?

Some might say well when I got saved I was an

energetic teenager, but now Iím too old to serve

the way I did when I was younger!

Thatís a poor excuse if I ever heard one! Amen?

The Bible says in...
2Co 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed