treasurer who after many years of serving stood before the congregation and thanked them for allowing him to serve and said, “believe me I got far more out of this job than I ever put into it.” Serve with integrity of heart.
2. Serve with Excellence
I want to encourage these men to serve with excellence, as though they were working for the Lord. We as Christians need to ensure that everything we do we do it well, God is worthy of our best efforts. I think of when Solomon built the Temple, he refused to use silver because it was not good enough to be used in God’s Temple. We need to have a mindset of serving to the best of our ability and never doing anything second rate or half way for the Lord. There is a reward for faithful service that is done with excellence.
I Timothy 3:13
One can use some common sense and learn that though there are blessings for serving faithfully with those duties that have been entrusted, but that is a great responsibility and there are punishments for not serving faithfully and with excellence. Deacons, don’t take your job lightly, God is worthy of your best efforts, and they will be rewarded.
3. Remember you are Accountable
I do want to remind these men that they are accountable to God for how they serve, so in that was this position is different from any job that they may ever have. These men are not just filling a role on a church board, but they have a responsibility to serve wherever they can to the best of their abilities. Remember you are accountable to God and not just to men.
With that in mind, you may have noticed the title of my message this morning is, “I Will Be A Servant in the Church”. That title has multiple meanings for us today. First of all it can be applied to those that have been ordained as deacons who were saying literally, “I will be a servant in the church”, but there is a sense in which we all should be able to make that same commitment. Not necessarily to serve in the office of deacon, but to be a servant and a minister of the church. Can you imagine what this church could do if every person that made up the church saw themselves as they should, as a minister in the church? We really are all priests and ministers in God’s service.
I believe one of the greatest problems facing the church is a lack of people with a servant’s heart. This is a problem that is plaguing the church and the world. People are interested in themselves that they forget that it is not about us, but we are called to serve others. We love it when we are served, and in our consumer driven culture many of the people within the church come looking for what they can get rather than what they can give. I said before as we studied the Gospel of John that we need to take off our bibs and put on our aprons and become servants in the church. We are all called to serve. I hope that the church here can strive even more to be a church where every member sees it as their task to do the work of ministry theirselves.