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If I had just listen to momma and daddy........


Sermon shared by Charles Mccall

October 2008
Summary: If Samson would have listen to his momma and daddy, he would never had been involved with a woman like Delilah.
Denomination: Baptist
Audience: General adults
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of the Philistines. Through his hair, God gave Samson strength to kill a thousand of Philistines men with just a jawbone of a donkey. Yes, God blessed Samson with extra ordinary strength through his hair to defeat the Philistines.

But in Judges 16:21, we see Samsonís hair has been cut. His eyes has been gouged out. We see Samson bound up in chains and in prison, and we see him walking the grind mill all day long in the prison house. In other words, we see the strongest man who had ever lived defeated and incapacitated. Now the question is, How did the strongest man to have ever lived find himself in a defeated and incapacitated position?

Now, for a long time, I blamed Delilah for Samson demise because I said that if he had not got involved with Delilah, he would not have gotten his hair cut, he would not have lost his strength, and he would not have been apprehended by the Philistines. But as I gave a close look at Samsonís situation, I came to realize that it was Samsonís fault to find his eyes being gouged out. It was Samsonís fault to find himself in prison. It was Samsonís fault to find himself bound up in chain. It was Samsonís fault that he now find himself grinding the grind mill walking in circles all the day long. And the reason it was his fault because if Samson had just listen to his momma and daddy, he more likely would not have been involved with a woman like Delilah. Now it must be understood that Delilah was not the only woman that Samson had been with. In Judges 14, Samson had married a woman from Timnah, but that marriage ended up in divorce after seven days. Then Samson got involved with a prostitute in Judges 16:1-3. And then we read that Samson got involved with Delilah in Judges 16:4. And you would notice that all the woman that Samson got involved in were all bad women. Yes, they looked fine, but they were bad women. Yes, they smelled good in their perfume, but they were bad women. They dressed real nice, but they were bad women. And Samson would never would have gotten involved with these bad woman, if he would have just listen to his momma and daddy.

You see Samson problem was that he allowed his lust get the best of his judgment which caused him to get involved with the wrong type of woman. But this would have not been the case if he had just listen to his momma and daddy in Judges 14. We learn this much about Samson in Judges 14; he was hardheaded and rebellious. One day in Judges 14, Samson came home to his parents and told them that he had found woman in a place called Timnah that he wanted to marry. But the problem was this woman was a Philistine, who were enemies of Israel and they were people who did not worship the true and living God as Samson did. When Samson told his parents that he wanted to marry this Philistine woman that he had seen in the Philistine city called Timnah, they responded by saying, Why did you have to go to Timanh to find a woman to marry? There are some available woman
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July 31, 2012
thanks. If had listen to my parents that''s powerfull

July 31, 2012
thanks. If had listen to my parents that''s powerfull

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