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For our Communion Meditation lets look together in the book of St. John 14:15. There you will find out text and title.

If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Jesus and his disciples are in the upper room. Christ has already instituted the Lordís Supper. He has already washed the disciples feet. Out of all of the nights they had spent together this night would be the most significant. For this night was Christ last night on earth. By tomorrow morning he would be hanging on a cross paying for the sins of the world.

Therefore, every word that Jesus spoke carried with it a particular meaning for this was in essence Jesus farewell speech to his disciples. Meaning every sentence would be stored up in the hearts & minds of the disciples so that even when he was gone, they would still remember and do what thus said the Lord.

And the disciples thought that feeling sorry for his departure showed their true love for Christ. But in the words of our text Jesus reminds them as he reminds us if you really love me, youíll show it by keeping my commandments.

Notice how Jesus begins by saying, ďIf.Ē If Ė meaning indefinite. If Ė meaning not sure, uncertain. Jesus was implying he knew everybody didnít love him. As matter of fact one of his own disciples at this moment in the text was out betraying him for some money.

When you read the next chapter, chapter 15, you hear Jesus say, ďIf the world hate you, know that it hated me before it hated you.Ē Jesus knew everybody didnít love him, and donít you fool yourself everybody donít love you either.
There are some people waiting for you to fall in the trap they laid for you. There are some who rejoice in your misfortune. But, if you love Jesus then you got to keep his commandments and one of his commandments was to love those who can stand you. And the thing I like about is Jesus will never tell you to do something that you canít do. You may not want to do it, but he doesnít give impossible demands.

Not only that but Jesus will never tell you to do something that he himself hasnít already done. He lived the example. And donít give me the excuse well Reverend I ainít Jesus because he said in the 12th verse of this chapter the same works I do you shall do and even greater.

ďIf you love meĒ

Jesus makes itís personal and far too often weíre in somebody elseís relationship with God. But Jesus didnít ask you about somebody else his question was personal do you love me. Are you doing as you should toward me.

I Thessalonians 4:11 says, ďStudy to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands.Ē

Listen, I have discovered that when I try to just take care of me I got enough to deal with as it is. I donít have time to be all in your business and giving my opinion where it isnít warranted because God is still working on me. So as the clichť goes, "You pray for me and Iíll pray for you cause thatís the way Godís children do.Ē

ďIf you love meĒ

To love Christ implies