I°¶ll Show The World That I°¶m A Christian
Philippians 2.12-13

Remember that the theme of this book is JOY!
And if there is anything we need more of its joy!
Our lives should be marked by joy!
You say, "Pastor, my life isnít marked by joy. Does that mean Iím not saved?"
I suppose it could mean that youíre not saved.
But if youíve prayed to receive Jesus Christ into your life and youíve repented from you sin, youíre saved.
You say, "Well, if Iím saved, then why is my life missing joy?"
Because joy is something that God sends and the Devil steals!
Ąh Joy doesnít come from your circumstances
- It comes from Christ in you!
Ąh If youíre life isnít characterized by joy
- Then donít look outward to discover why - look inward!
Joy is an inside job!
What God sends the Devil tries to steal!
Now let me ask you a question.
What is stealing?
Stealing is when somebody takes something that is rightfully yours without permission!
God sends joy to His children and the Devil steals that joy.
Ąh Heís taking something that is rightfully yours!
Ąh Donít let him do it!
Ąh Lifeís too difficult to live it without whatís rightfully yours!
Ąh Live life with whatís rightfully yours!
Ąh Live it with joy!
Thatís what Paulís talking about in chapter 2.
In his book Hints to Young Christians, Dr. O. T. Gifford comments, "If youíre getting weak-kneed, have a look at Elijah. If there is no song in your heart, listen to David. If you feel spiritually chilly, get the beloved disciple John to put his arms around you; and if youíre losing sight of the future, climb to Revelation and get a glimpse of Heaven!"
God has a building project going on.
That great project is building the lives of people.
God is interested in people and God is doing a work in the lives of people.

I want to talk about that great project, God at work, and when we are involved in His project, we will have joy!


Read verse 12a.
Paul had learned the secret to continual joy and a part of that secret is found in verse 12.
Now the saints at Philippi had a good start in their new found faith in Jesus Christ.
One factor was that Paul had been with them.
Now that he was gone and Paul wanted to encourage them to keep trusting and serving the Lord!
You know, some people act saved only when they°¶re around the saved!
When they°¶re around the unsaved they act unsaved!
I donít know anything more damaging to our efforts in reaching the lost of this city than when the saved act unsaved around the unsaved!
If weíre saved - then letís show it.
If you°¶re saved and you know it, say Amen!
Thatís why itís so important to believe right!
What you believe determines how you behave!
So hereís Paul pointing those saints to Christ!
Thatís one thing I like about Paul!
He pointed others to Christ and not himself!
He would say,
Ąh Depend on Him!
Ąh Look to Him! Not me!
Now that we see the great