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I'm Coming Out Of The Rubble!

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Aug 19, 2006

Summary: We have everything we need to acheive victory over the enemy. It’s time for us apply the principles of God’s Word to ensure that victory.




Intro: There is and old saying that says, “Anything worth having is worth (working) fighting for…” You need to understand that this fight is a fight that the enemy does not want you to win… That’s why he is constantly attacking you on every hand… IOW, that’s why the enemy has been keeping you down for so long… That’s why he’s been messing you over for so long… Because he does not want you to succeed in life… But I have also discovered that we have another opponent that is against in the fight for victory… That other opponent is US…! Sometimes we are our biggest hindrance to victory. The reason we don’t achieve all that God has for us both secularly and spiritually is because we don’t want to endure through the battle… The Apostle Paul knew something about enduring… (Examples…) (Point…) We can’t excel in the things of God because we won’t endure… So if you’re going to be victorious, you’ve got to learn how to endure… Endurance is not a one-man-show; you can’t do it alone… You need some help… If you’re going to “Come Out Of The Rubble,” you’ve got to have:


- (Text) Treasure= anointing)

- It is IN me, not me, but in me…

- I’m just a vessel

- Problem: We treat His Presence like a light switch (off & on)

- Got to learn how to utilize His Presence

I need to Power of His Presence, because the Power of His Presence:


- Positions (transforms) me…

- Transform: a change in nature, function or condition of someone or something

- (Romans 12:2) Because my mind (physical and spiritual) is transformed, I don’t get wrapped up in what’s happening around me…

- Circumstance don’t circumvent (surround) my mind…

- Situations don’t saturate (soak) my life…

- Conditions don’t control (regulate) my position…

- I grab hold of Phil 2:5-8

I need to Power of His Presence, because it Positions Me…


- (v 14) Because of the power and position, it doesn’t matter what life may bring… (Title) Because I’m protected…!

- You can’t bring me down because I’m protected…

- You can’t do me in because I’m protected…

- Satan can’t have a stronghold because I’m protected…

How I do I know that I’m protected…? Romans 8:28-39; 1 Cor 15:57

“I’m Coming Out…” (Diana Ross)

I’m Coming Out Of The Rubble…!

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