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A. Have you noticed? Our society has produced people who ignore their responsibilities & then blame others for their problems. ďIf I get into financial trouble, itís not my fault, itís because of easy credit. And the government needs to do something to protect me.Ē

Again, ďIf I develop lung cancer from smoking, itís not my fault. I blame the cigarette companies, & they need to pay.Ē Or, ďIf I go into a rage & grab a gun & start shooting people, Iím not responsible. Itís in my genes, & I just canít help it.Ē And again, ďIf I practice sexual perversion, itís not my fault; God made me this way.Ē

As a society, we have become expert at blaming others. And that can even happen in the church. We begin to fall away from the Lord, & we say, ďItís not my fault. Iím not to blame. Itís the churchís fault. They arenít friendly enough, or the church didnít meet my needs, or itís the preacherís fault. But itís not my fault.Ē

SUM. People are blaming heredity, environment, job pressures, poverty, prejudice, abuse, & anything else they can think of for their problems today.

B. But I want you to know that the Bible very clearly teaches that weíre responsible for our choices. Romans 14:12 says, ďSo then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.Ē God is going to hold us responsible for the choices we make.

ILL. There was a story several years ago about twin sisters who had an alcoholic mother. One of them became an alcoholic, but the other didnít drink at all.

When the alcoholic one was asked why, she said, ďWell, my mother was an alcoholic, so what can you expect?Ē When the other was asked why she wouldnít drink she said, ďWell, my mother was an alcoholic, so what do you expect?Ē

APPL. You see, the choice is ours. Now if youíre a lettuce seed, you really have no choice. Theyíll plant you in the ground, water you, & youíll become a lettuce plant. You donít have any choice about that.

But God says that as human beings weíre created higher than plants & animals, & we make choices. We can choose to be good or to be bad. We can choose to obey God or to disobey. But remember, weíre responsible for the choices we make.

PROP. With that in mind, letís look at the story of Noah & the ark found in Genesis 6. Now this is more than just about a man who built an ark. It is more than about the animals that were saved. It is about manís accountability to his creator, about a human race engrossed in sin, & about Godís judgment, mercy, & grace.


A. The first thing we notice in Genesis 6 is the absolute wickedness of Noahís day. Vs. 5 says, ďThe Lord saw how great manís wickedness on the earth had become, & that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the