God. The pleasures of the world do not slow them down. They get their direction from God. They place God at the top.
A missed ChristianÖ
Serves Through Godís Power
The only source of power you will ever find that will work in all situations is Godís power. This person does not seek manís approval but Godís direction and this will result in mighty things happening.
Philippians 4:13 (NIV)
[13] I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
This person takes Jesus seriously when He said, ĒIf anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.Ē
This type of Christian touches our lives in ways that they probably never realize. These are the people that draw the lost to Jesus Christ. They encourage the saints to keep pushing on. They pick up the wounded and guide them to recovery.
At this time I would like to stop and thank God for these people. As we pray, thank God for those people who left an imprint of Christ in your life. [Prayer]
Category #2: Finally Gone
Unfortunately we donít hear much about those people who have been a blessing to us; but we do hear often about those who seem to be a curse.
There are some people in our lives that when they leave, we breath a sigh of relief. This type of person also has an impact upon our lives; but itís not a positive one. These people push ďlostĒ people away from Jesus. They discourage the saints and cause them to want to quit. They kick the wounded and hold them down.
At this time I would like to stop and ask God to be with these people that have hurt you and that they would not hinder you from serving God or you hinder them. [Prayer]
Category #3: Forgotten
There are those who impact our lives positively and negatively; and then there are those who have no impact at all.
This type of person never has time to form relationships outside of their ďlittle circleĒ. They are always on the outside looking in. There is not much to say about this type of person. It is almost like they never existed.
At this time I would like to stop and ask God to convict and burden these people to become a part of what He is doing. [Prayer]
What category do you fall into? Each of our goals should be to leave imprints that will leave imprints of Christ upon otherís lives. If you are doing this, keep doing it. If not, why not change?