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In Jesus Name We Play Colossians 3:17

It started as a slip up during a prayer before a church softball game. The minister was leading everyone in prayer. As he closed in prayer he accidently said, "In Jesusí name we play." That phrase caught on and soon others were praying before softball games "In Jesusí name we play."

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Whatever we do, we should do it in the name of Jesus. What does it mean to do something in Jesusí name? When we do something in our own name, we do it the way we think it should be done, the way we want it to do it. When we do something in Jesusí name we do it the way Jesus would do it if he were there doing it himself.
So what are some things we should do in Jesusí name?

A. Play in Jesusí name.
I believe God is the author of recreation and enjoyment. The problem is that our society doesnít know how to have fun Godís way. Watch television commercials and you will see that our society says the only way you can have fun involves alcohol, drugs, and immorality.
God has better for us. It must please him to see his children enjoying life, laughing, playing, having fun. But doing His way. Playing in Jesusí name. Think about all the things we do for fun.
Ballgames, cookouts, fishing, camping, playing sports, the list goes on and on.
Do we always handle ourselves in a Christ like way while we are doing those things?
If we are going to play in Jesusí name then we must play like Jesus would play. When we do that, it changes the way we handle ourselves, and it makes a big impact on those who are around us.
I recently watched the NBA finals. After the game was over and the San Antonio Spurs were champions, they interviewed David Robinson. David gave all glory to God and talked about Christ had given him a firm foundation to stand on. What a great testimony for Christ he made. He played in Jesusí name.

B. Work in Jesusí Name.
Is God pleased by what you do for a living? Is it ethical? Does it lead people to sin?
Our jobs can be used as a way to bring glory to God. When we start working in Jesusí name, it changes the way we think about our employers, it changes the way we think about our employees. It changes the way we think about how we do our jobs. If we work like Jesus would work if he were there doing our jobs.
Maybe you think your job is a waste of time. A dead end job. But maybe God put you there for a reason. Maybe there is something he wants you to accomplish through your job. God gives the abilities to work and the opportunity to make a living for our family. He expects us as Christians to work in Jesusí name. Just like playing in Jesus name, working in Jesusí name makes a huge impact on others who watch you.

C. Witness in Jesusí name
Jesus gave us the great commission. He gave us clear instructions for witnessing. Clear plan for evangelism.