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I Kings 11:26-40, 2 Timothy 2:1-30, Text I Kings 12:25-33

Early 2/26/93

We live in a world intent on making things convenient for
us. There are a host of things that have made living more conven

ient and human bodies more lazy. We no longer desire to rise

and cross the room to change the TV channel. For heavens sake,

where is the remote control. Advertisers constantly tell us that

this new product, be it a car, a vacuum cleaner, or a bottle of

bleach is more convenient for us. Today if its not convenient,

we leave it alone until we find something that is.

Our expectation of convenience is forever creeping into our

spiritual lives as well. The only problem is that when Jesus

said, if anyone would follow me he or she must pick up his or her

cross daily and follow me, Jesus forgot to add the phrase, that

is when you find it convenient to do so.

When there is a job to be done at the church or at home,

does your willingness to volunteer for the job depend on whether

it is Christian to do so, or whether it is convenient for you to

do so. I have found in my walk with the Lord, that the Christian

thing to do, is not usually the convenient thing to do. Iíve even

discovered that God expects me to do things at some very incon

venient times.

Today letís look at how the desire for convenience destroyed

the spiritual life a nation. Our story begins at the end of King

Solomonís life. Many people know of Kingís Solomonís wisdom,

however he was a man who did not listen to his own advice. Solo

mon fell in love with sex and turned his back on God in his old
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age. As he forgot God, he became a more ruthless leader, oppress

ing his people with heavy taxes and forcing them to do work to

support his wild, lavish, lifestyle. God told Solomon that

because of his sin, Solomonís son would lose part of the nation

of Israel.

When Solomonís son became king, he tried to be Mr. Bad and

told the people, "If you think my dad was tough, you ainít seen

nothing yet. Iím going to show you what being hard really is. He

found out you canít talk to people any kind of a way and get away

with it. The people revolted and the nation was split into two

kingdoms. Two of the twelve tribes followed Solomonís son and

became the Kingdom of Judah, the other 10 tribes followed a man

by the name of Jeroboam, and became the Kingdom of Isreal. God

chose Jeroboam to be leader of the 10 tribes.

He tells Jeroboam in 1 Kings 11:35-38 "I will take the

kingdom from Solomonís sonís hands and give you ten tribes.